Audi Q8: Racing Style with Lift and All-Terrain Tires

Skoda Octavia Refresh Coming Soon

Audi’s newest Q8 SUV is hitting the road for all those who seek something more rugged than the usual. Meanwhile, Skoda recently unveiled a first glimpse of their freshly revised Octavia.

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Audi unveils the Q8 e-tron edition Dakar, a special variant of its luxury SUV offering. This new iteration is filled with improvements and features that make it an ideal choice for drivers seeking a higher-end experience. The all-new Audi Q8 e-tron edition Dakar provides a heightened level of sophistication, boasting ground-breaking enhancements in style, technology, and performance. Cutting-edge additions such as enhanced interior and exterior design elements, improved powertrain and electric engineering, and advanced driver assist features make this the premier edition in the Q8 lineup.Improved luxury is obtained with the eye-catching updates made to the Audi Q8’s exterior, ranging from sleek chrome accents to new LED headlights. The interior likewise has been revised with even finer materials and refined touches such as ambient lighting. Also, refinements have been made to the powertrain to deliver more responsive performance while increasing efficiency through improved electric engineering.The special Audi Q8 e-tron edition Dakar further incorporates a suite of driver assistance features that raise the stakes for safety, convenience, and driving enjoyment. Enhanced driver assist options are offered via the inclusion of cutting-edge semi-autonomous systems, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping

Audi has taken the electrification of its vehicles to a new level with the RS Q E-Tron, a purpose-built Dakar racer that scored four stage wins during its first Dakar Rally in 2022. This legendary vehicle has now been used as the basis for a special edition of the Q8 E-Tron, allowing Audi to bring its off-road capabilities to the everyday driver.

Mercedes is still months away from rolling out its electrified G-Class, whereas Audi has given the Q8 E-Tron a minor update in the form of an optional off-road kit. Outfitted with General Grabber AT3 all-terrain tires, the new iteration sees an additional 1.2 inches of ground clearance than the stock version, providing a maximum of 8.1 inches before lowering itself as speeds increase. Specifically, fifteen millimeters less at 53 mph, another seventeen mm at 62 mph and thirteen mm at 75 mph.

Audi’s engineers have made some changes to the air suspension to make it better suited for off-road driving, increasing the maximum wading depth to 11.8 in. The Four Rings brand boasts that the 20-degree approach and 26-degree departure angles are enough to “tackle light off-road terrain.” The ramp angle – the steepest incline the vehicle can traverse without the underside scraping the edge of the ramp – is 19 degrees.

In addition to its hardware alterations, Audi’s Q8 E-Tron edition Dakar also offers potential owners the option of a custom decal package which mirrors that of the RS Q E-Tron. Only 99 vehicles are set to have this distinctive style, all finished in the colour Mythos Black combined with partially transparent wraps covering certain parts of the bodywork. Those seeking an alternative hue may select either Magnetic Gray, Siam Beige, or the aforementioned Mythos Black. Furthermore, customers can also take advantage of a light bar placed within the grille, whilst a roof rack – capable of supporting up to 88 pounds – is offered as standard.

Audi is requesting a payment of €120,000 in its native Germany, approximately equivalent to $131,000 USD. Ordering will begin during the start of the year’s first quarter. In addition to the car, a full set of summer tires are included for your benefit.

For the first time, the updated Skoda Octavia facelift has been teased. Scheduled to launch next year in 2024, the design of the upcoming model is based on the VisionIN concept initially revealed in 2020. It will retain the core styling stereotypes of the existing Octavia while getting new exterior features. For the initial time, a tease of the Skoda Octavia facelift has been made. Expected to be debuted during the course of 2024, it borrows its design cues from the 2020 VisionIN concept and still owns the basic aesthetics of the prevailing version of the Octavia but will be fitted with some extra external elements.

New year, new Škoda

Just a few days into the start of 2024, Skoda is already giving enthusiasts a taste of what’s to come. Their first major debut of the year is slated for February when they reveal the updated look of the Octavia. An early peek shows that there have been changes made to the headlights, with the DRLs now running lower along the bumper.

Skoda’s biggest seller is supposed to premiere right on the heels of its mechanically twinned Golf Mk 8.5. Just recently, VW has provided a trail to their minor car that hints at an expected launch later this month. The combustion engines are likely to be both tidier and more economical as they’ve been adapted to comply with upcoming Euro 7 legislations. Spies already allowed us a peek into the cars’ displays – it looks like they’ll feature larger touchscreens. VW stated that a future-generation of performance and software will be featured in the Golf along with innovative driver assistance systems – all of which may very well be shared with the roomier and functional Octavia as well.

Sources: Audi, Skoda

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