2024 BMW 4 Series Coupe: M Sport & M440i

Revealing a Powerful Front: The 6-Cylinder Model

Come the 2023 model year, the 4 Series underwent a major revamp as all variants converted to the iDrive 8 with a twin display embedded in a glass roundabout. Furthermore, BMW implemented a tiny gear-shifting device for all versions of the 4er apart from the powerhouse M4 that retained its blocky direction selector. Obviously, more tweaks were intended for the coupe 4er observed here in modern-day spy pictures.

A pre-production model that was snapped up uncovered to reveal its gaping “kidney” grille and rounded exhaust pipe fittings is the typical version decked out with the M Sport Package. For the other two, more protective covering has been applied, leading one to the conclusion that BMW could make their M Performance variant stand apart from the basic trim. It appears the front bumper bears a much more intricate style compared to the existing “M Lite” options.

presenting a more angular look.Most test cars have recently been fitted with redesigned headlight fittings featuring distinctive-looking running lamps. Despite the camouflage, it is possible to see these LED lights are designed in the form of boomerang or arrow, just like the X5 and X6 of 2024 models. At the back, the figure-concealing camo offers startling glimpses of new-look taillight designs, appearing much sharper in shape.

Observant BMW fanatics may have caught sight of the M440i prototype covered in a matte finish from the Individual inventory: Frozen Portimao Blue, complete with coordinated brake calipers. The German luxury make didn’t attempt to mask up their dashboard as they recently changed it to fit the brand-new infotainment system that we previously mentioned. There’s now a 12.3-inch digital driver display coupled with a 14.9-inch touchscreen sitting atop the central console and, taking it a step further, most functions were consolidated into the large screen, limiting physical buttons to a minimum.

It is rumored that production on the 4 Series Life Cycle Impulse will initiate in March 2024, suggesting a probable reveal toward the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. It appears the M4 is furthermore undergoing an LCI update, thus it is reasonable to assume that the convertible and gran coupe editions of the 4 Series will be privileged to the same cluster of modifications.

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