2024 Lexus LC Fixes Critical Flaw

Not US-Spec Model – (for Now)

We’ve got some thrilling news pertaining to the 2024 Lexus LC Coupe; an issue that has been long-standing has been solved! As part of their proclamation for the LC 500, including the Convertible and Hybrid models, Lexus divulged that their top-notch vehicle will be doing away with its Remote Touch infotainment system, which has already been switched out in the other cars. Rather than the replaced 10-inch screen and laptop-style track pad, they’ve now supplied a 12.3-inch touchscreen which Lexus states is situated nearer to the operator for ease of use.

The new Lexus LC has been upgraded with a touchscreen and the latest Lexus Interface infotainment system, which can respond to voice commands like “Hey Lexus”. It also has wireless Apple CarPlay, but Android Auto still needs to be connected by wire. With the touchpad gone, Lexus was able to redesign the center console and add a button to control the heated and ventilated seats – something that previously had to be done by navigating menus on the screen.

Sad news for American motor lovers, as it is only Europeans that are set to benefit from the latest update. It had been disclosed to individuals in the US about the pending 2023 model year vehicle back in Oct, consequently meaning a statement regarding the new version available here may well not arrive for some time yet. All we can do is hope the most recent update could be included within the 2024 model which is forthcoming in America.

Lexus is presenting an all-new two-tone color option for the LC Coupe and Convertible; a blue and white combination as well as a DK. Rose mixture that joins a dark black exterior with vivid red seats. To enhance the experience, passing by occupants can appreciate the tonal matching of the acrylic fascia to the instrument panel upholstery. As well, patrons now have fresh seat materials solutions; the Sport Package models incorporate lightweight carbon scuff plates, also a 360-degree camera is provided as standard.

Two new additional shades grace the array: Heat Blue Contrast layering and Sonic Copper. In addition, three new wheel styles are also available: 20-inch finished in glossy black, 21-inch featuring a 3D machined finish and a dual-coloured black/chrome 21-inch model. There have been slight tweaks conducted on the suspension and brakes resulting in an overall better driving experience than previously felt. No amendments have been made to the 5.0 litre V8 but an upgraded battery with larger cells has been installed in the hybrid version.

It’s still uncertain if the US will receive it, however Lexus recently unveiled a “Ultimate Edition” of its LC Coupe and Convertible (as seen in top photo). This special model fuses together matte Hakugin White paint with a Kachi Blue interior. It comes with extra components such as incrementally- fashioned canards on the front grille and a black carbon rear wing (for Coupe only).

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