2024 Mercedes E-Class Estate: A Classy SUV Alternative [UPDATE]

Three Screens, Selfie Cam, and TikTok/Angry Birds!

A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson has confirmed to Motor1.com that the new E-Class wagon will not be available in North America – at least for now. The statement noted that this only applies to the standard model, while information regarding the E-Class All-Terrain is “subject to a future announcement,” hinting that the lifted wagon might be sold in the US after all.

Not everyone desires an SUV; and Mercedes-Benz, in light of this knowledge, introduced the estate variant of the modern C-Class whilst still preserving the extended wheelbase E-Class. Recent rumours would have us believe that the carmaker intends to cease production of wagons beyond 2030; but even if this turns out to be the case, we are still miles away from a world dominated by performance utility vehicles. Remember, the CLA Shooting Brake is still around (albeit for only a limited amount of time).

The grandest of the Mercedes wagons, the S214, surpasses its forerunner in size to afford an unbelievably airy interior. Thanks to an augmented wheelbase of 0.86 inches (22 mm) — totaling 116.57 inches (2961 mm) — passengers benefit from extra legroom. An increment of 1.1 inches (28 mm) up to 74 in (1880mm) endows more elbow area, while length increases by 0.15 in (4mm) to an overall 194.84 in (4949 mm). Height has slightly risen by 0.04 in (1 mm), giving a total of 57.83 in (1469 mm).

No longer providing an optional third row of seating, the 2024 Mercedes E-Class has an impressive cargo storage capacity of 615 liters (or 21.7 cubic feet) with the rear seats in their normal position, or 1,830 liters (64.6 cubic feet) when they have been folded down. When opting for a plug-in hybrid model, the practicality is slightly reduced because of the additional technology components, but it still offers 460 liters (16.2 cubic feet) of storage space; if the 40:20:40-split rear seats are folded, a total of 1,785 liters (63 cubic feet) are available. An electrically operated tailgate comes as standard equipment to offer easy access to the cargo area.

Despite the all-things-being-equal numbers, the new E-Class Estate is an attractive wagon that may very well overtake sales of the GLE. As expected, it has a lot in common with the latest guise of the W214 E-Class Sedan that was revealed in late April and appears far less objectionable than the new BMW 5 Series Touring. The bodywork is sleeker than its precursor too, as the coefficient of drag has decreased from 0.27 to 0.26. While you can choose wheels as big as 21 inches, the entry-level edition features a 17-inch set.

The E-Class Estate is available with either the baseline rear air suspension or an optional two-axle Airmatic, ensuring a luxe and agreeable journey for all households. Not only that, the roominess comes kitted out with three screens, a front camera, along with TikTok compatibility. Well, also Angry Birds as well as Zoom capability via the interior video camera affixed on the console.

Mercedes will initially begin offering the lavish station wagon in Europe in two variations, E200 and E220d. In addition, customers will be able to opt for the more sustainable E300e plug-in hybrid variant. Powering the petrol model is a turbocharged 2-liter motor producing 204 horse power (150 kW) together with 320 Newton-meters (236 pound-feet) of torque. Referred to as a mild-hybrid, this engine is paired with an extra electric motor, which generates 23 hp (17 kW) and 205 Nm (151 lb-ft). This combination provides an acceleration of 0 – 62 mph (100 km/h) in merely 7.8 seconds, clocking a top speed of 144 mph (231 km/h).

A 2.0-liter engine providing 197 hp (145 kW) and 440 Nm (325 lb-ft) of torque powers the E220d diesel, complemented further by a 48V installation. Mercedes has boasted that this model will attain 0 to 60 mph in merely 7.9 seconds and has a top speed of 143 mph (230 km/h). For those searching for higher power output, a six-cylinder diesel is anticipated to launch soon. All differentiations of the model feature a nine-speed automatic transmission which has been newly adapted in order to slim down the weight and benefit its arrangement.

The E300e is equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline motor along with a potent electric engine, providing an all-inclusive output of 312hp (230kW). The ICE component has a deliverance of 204hp (150kW) and 320Nm (236 lb-ft) whereas the e-motor produces 129 hp (95kW) and 440 Nm (325 lb-ft). Mercedes advertises a 0-62mph speed taking only 6.5 seconds, evidently making it the fastest out of the three models. Its highest pace reaches 141 mph (227 km/h). Thanks to the 25.4-kWh battery pack, the vehicle exhibits an electric range of more than 62 miles (100 kilometers) according to WLTP regulations.

The German high-end label claims that, apart from the AMG models, there will also be the roll-out of a diesel plug-in hybrid shortly. Howbeit, it is yet to be determined whether or not the V8 will return. An account not long ago advised that the top-tier E63 might be downscaled to a V6 plug-in with higher than 700 horsepower, though nothing has been constitutionally attested. The E63 Estate is apt to contend with a fresh contender as aside from the Audi RS6 Avant, it is anticipated that BMW M5 Touring should readopt the market in 2025.

Speculation is rampant regarding a new, extra-rugged edition of the All-Terrain. It has recently been noticed in an EPA document outlining vehicles for the 2024 model year, so it appears the States are going to be graced with its presence unless Mercedes wish to maintain the present version for an additional twelve months.

At the same time, the standard Mercedes E-Class Estate will start to be available this autumn in Europe.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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