2024 Mercedes-AMG SL63: 805-HP Electric V8 Debut

Most Powerful SL: Unprecedented Strength

Mercedes-AMG has recently added the SL63 to their E Performance roster, introducing the SL63 S E Performance. Boasting a V8 engine, electrified for increased power, this vehicle is now the most effective SL type ever and marks the fifth edition of the plugin hybrid AMG E Performance family.

Verifying the assertion is the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 motor housed in the AMG SL63 S E Performance that produces 612 horsepower, coupled with a 204-hp AMG Electric Drive Unit found on its rear axle, making for an overall output of 805 horses and 1,047 lb-ft of torque. Although this roadster is not as potent as the 843-hp AMG GT 63 S E Performance (unveiled in 2021) it does have a power differential compared to the 791-hp AMG S63 E Performance luxurious limousine.

The swanky AMG SL63 S E Performance sports a hefty 400-volt, 6.1-kilowatt-hour battery that has a direct cooling feature. To charge the battery, there are three options: the 3.7 kW onboard charger, regenerative braking, or using AC power with a station, wallbox, or even an ordinary household socket. The car’s regen braking system has four distinct recoupment levels for a single-pedal driving experience and offers up to 8 miles of all-electric range.

The AMG SL63 S E Performance has abundant augmentations supplementing the electrically-powered drivetrain. At a speed of 50 mph, a hidden part beneath the vehicle can deploy by 1.6 inches, resulting in a Venturi impact that diminisheslift at the front axle. Furthermore, an expandable rear spoiler with five adjustable positions assists in either improving driving steadiness or minimizing aerodynamic drag.

The plug-in hybrid sports car also offers ceramic composite brakes with bronze calipers which are more expansive than the standard models outfitted with internal combustion engines.

As far as aesthetics go, the AMG SL63 S E Performance has extraordinary visual accents, which include hues of red-tinted branding, E Performance emblems, and double trapezoidal tailpipes that have been ridged. Moreover, the plug-in hybrid variation includes a fitting of 20-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels from AMG – created to optimise in terms of aerodynamics with a matte black exterior featuring a high gloss finish.

Inside the cabin, electronically adjustable AMG sports seats can be found as standard, providing a 2+2 configuration. Performance buckets can also be chosen as an option, along with many customization choices from the Manufaktur division. The MBUX infotainment system is tailored for the electrified AMG experience.

The AMG SL63 S E Performance is supplied equipped with active rear-axle guidance, the AMG Performance 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system, and an AMG Active Ride Control suspension paired with semi-active roll stabilization.

“The SL is a truly unique vehicle, offering superior performance and the option of all-electric driving,” said Michael Schiebe, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH and Head of Mercedes-Benz G-Class & Mercedes Maybach divisions. “It is one of the most exclusive roadsters available, with extensive equipment options and only the highest quality materials used – a dream car for sure!”

In the coming year, North American car buyers will welcome the arrival of the 2024 Mercedes-AMG SL 63 S E PERFORMANCE. To date, its cost has not yet been shared; however, whenever the AMG SL63 is offered at $183,000 in the United States and the AMG S63 S E Performance is sold for approximately $230,000 in Europe, one can assume that the plug-in hybrid option would secure a price tag over the $200,000 range.

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