2024 Mustang GT: X or H Pipe? Check Out These Results!

Testing 2024 Mustang: Gauging Exhaust Mod Effect

One of the simplest means to obtain a distinct sound from a vehicle, short of replacing the exhaust system entirely, is a resonator delete. This is an adjustment which can easily be made and will modify the pitch, intonation, and volume of the exhaust, and in some cases may even enhance engine capacity.

In a recent video, Chris on the Steeda YouTube channel took a look at what resonator delete option could make the biggest sound improvement and offered an in-depth analysis of how it would modify the strength of the 2024 Ford Mustang GT S650.

2024 Mustang GT: X-Pipe vs H-Pipe on the Dyno! Not The Results We Expected...

Chris of Steeda examines the setup of the X- and H-pipes on a Ford Mustang GT S650 from 2024 and makes side-by-side comparisons to the stock alternative. In addition, he gives considerations to the varied noises emitted by both components in several scenarios such as idling speed, acceleration, and pass-bys while cruising on the roads or at the racetrack. This is to help Mustang S650 owners attain their ideal exhaust noise increase in volume.

After administering a fundamental dyno evaluation on a 2024 Mustang GT, the crew showed the fixing of both an X-pipe and an H-pipe just before testing each one on the dyno. The X-pipe yielded 391 horsepower and 335 lb-ft of torque, while the H-pipe generated slightly greater numbers with 393 hp and 338 lb-ft of torque. Chris points out that generally, the X-pipe produces a higher pitched, raspier exhaust noise with more power at bigger RPMs, whereas the H-pipe supplies less power at the peak but further torque at the beginning.

To the great amazement of host Chris, the results unveiled that the power increments between the two were incredibly akin, causing the X-pipe to generate marginally more horsepower and the H-pipe producing a touch more torque. Nevertheless, both scenarios only resulted in a mere three horsepower distinction, representing less than 1% variances at the highest point. Seeing as the advancements are inconsequential, presently these adaptations are essentially all about generating noise.

Chris furthermore remarks that the car tested included the dynamic exhaust selection, thus the outcome may not be valid for two-tip cars that don’t have it. He points out that Ford has credited an additional 6 HP to that specific feature of active exhaust.

Chris instructs viewers to pick the resonator delete method that conforms to their individual sound taste. The appeal should not be the salient consideration as the particular delete could either generate a robust, rumbling audio reminiscent of a muscle car-like from the H-pipe or an ear piercing squeal from the X-pipe.

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