Ready for Duty: Steeda’s Badass F-150

Police Trucks – For Off-Road Need

Ford Motor Company has continued to be a pioneer in providing police vehicles, most especially with its Interceptor Explorer. Yet, an F-150 police vehicle hasn’t been manufactured by the automaker before this. This is where Steeda comes into play. The firm has turned out to be releasing the Special Service F-150 package, a pickup truck designed explicitly for rural areas’ law enforcement divisions. Although we have seen previous models from this builder, such as its law-enforcement-ready Explorer and ferocious Mustang, a truck wasn’t ever part of the lineup–until now.

The truck’s suspension and chassis tweaks include Ford Performance front and rear suspension lowering as well as an optional Fox 4WD off-road leveling kit, Steeda-built 4WD adjustable 1-1/8 rear sway bar, and a Steeda Truck Performance Alignment. When it comes to the engine bay, you have the option of either the 2.7- or 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost that is fitted with 10-speed automatic transmission. To push more horsepower and torque, there is a Steeda intercooler that has 15 horsepower increase capability, and also S&B cold air filters are installed.

Introducing the Steeda Special Service F-150! | (4K)

Steeda emphasizes that its package can handle either 87- or 93-octane tuning. The enhanced performance, needless to say, produces quicker acceleration, though they have not supplied any numbers. In addition, there are also glossy 22×10-inch Velgen Wheels been fitted with Nitto NT420V high-performance tires for improved control on wet and dry surfaces, alongside a Ford Performance Mustang/F150 TPMS Sensors set and an activator kit, in addition to a Steeda-branded chrome lug nut kit.

.This vehicle seen in the photo commenced as an ordinary XL 6.5-foot bed 2WD model. Steeda outlines that it is also able to construct personal packages of the F-150 contingent upon a department’s particular necessities. Further, 4WD editions can be modified by items such as lift kits and all-terrain tires to obtain increased ground clearance as well as access/evacuation points when pursuing evildoers on rough terrain.

The cost details for the various parts can be found on the company’s site. The lowering kit, for instance, is priced at $429.95, and the Fox 4WD leveling kit – suitable solely for trucks from the 2015-2020 model years – reverses a fee of $1,459.95. Every piece enjoys a limited lifetime warranty with no strings attached.

Although Steeda does not explicitly state that its upgrades for the F-150 are not available to non-police customers, it is illegal to impersonate law enforcement. That being said, there is no reason why individuals cannot modify their own F-150s with similar upgrades. However, one should refrain from putting “Sheriff” on the side of the truck.

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