2024 Porsche 718 Prices Rise Sharply

Price Boost of $5,100 for Lineup Remaining

Porsche recently unveiled the prices for its 2024 Boxster 718 and Cayman 718 line-up, observing an overall increase in rate for all configurable models.

This week, we reported that the 718 GT4, Spyder, and T models have been cut off for 2024. The base Cayman’s start sticker price has gone up to $69,950, the S version is at an elevated $81,950, while the GTS 4.0 has a substantial cost of $96,850 – each variant representing an increase in price of $5,100 as compared to its 2023 counterpart. The exclusive Cayman GT4 RS commands a staggering $163,650 – costing $13,100 more than the version released last year.

The convertible Boxster hasn’t been neglected. Each trim has a price increase of $2,100 over the 2023 edition. For the ’24 lineup (which was recently launched in other countries) there is the Style Edition for both models, which it looks as though it could replace the discontinued T trims.

The concept behind this design is that it relies on foundation models with a turbocharged, 2.0-liter flat-four engine that pumps out an impressive 300 horsepower. The Style Edition displays distinctive style attributes including, 20-inch black rims, luminous side sills, and dark exhaust tips.

The interior of the car boasts a warmed driving wheel, brand new mats for the floor, as well as Porsche insignias engraved on each headrest. Customers have the option to include either black or white hood stripes, plus exclusive graphics on the sides. The pricing for this package was not included in the online configuration tool at the time of publishing, although we anticipate its placement between the standard and S levels. Let’s hope Porsche soon furnishes more data about it.

Alternative powertrains include a turbocharged 2.5L flat-four yielding 350 horsepower for the S and a 4.0L naturally aspirated six-cylinder producing 394 HP for the GTS.

Our initial analysis confirmed that a number of features have been excluded from the 2024 range of 718 models, such as the CD player and some interior and exterior colour variants. This reduction in the catalogue of options and subsequent price rise hints that the present generation are fast approaching termination of their manufacture.

The so-called 982 series hit the market in the 2016 model year, and has stayed up-to-date ever since. This variant of the car has also seen various new offshoots released, such as the GT4 RS model.

Porsche is now running tests of their next-gen models, which are set to be completely electric and slated to appear with the 2025 model year. In that case, it’s very likely Porsche will début certain particular or finishing versions of the 982 718s within this year or the following one.

They may not be as extreme as the Spyder and GT4 RS, yet they will doubtlessly become much prized pieces as the fuel-enabled 718 bid farewell to the world for eternity.

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