2025 Aston Martin Vantage: Reimagined with 656 HP and a Sleek New Look

Reinvigorated Vantage: Enhanced power, revamped chassis, and other key changes create an irresistible combination.

For 74 years, Aston Martin has been producing the Vantage. The latest version of this two-door grand tourer has been available since 2018. However, after six years on the market, it is getting a major upgrade. This can be thought of as an extensive mid-cycle refresh, but with significant changes to its mechanical components. Expect updates to the camshafts, gear ratios, and modifications to the chassis. In addition to these improvements, the new Vantage certainly boasts a more appealing appearance.

The outcome of these modifications is undoubtedly impressive. The Vantage’s 4.0-liter V8 engine, sourced from Mercedes, now generates an enormous 656 horsepower (665PS), a significant increase of 153 horses compared to its predecessor. This notable upgrade cannot be attributed solely to a slight increase in boost pressure; rather, it is the result of various key changes, including new cams, larger turbos, and a modified compression ratio. Additionally, three additional heat exchangers have been incorporated to regulate both coolant and charge air temperatures. Furthermore, the oil cooler has been enlarged, indicating that this car is certainly producing a lot of heat.

The reliable 8-speed ZF automatic transmission supports the AMG V8 engine, delivering power to the rear wheels through an electronic limited-slip differential. The differential’s final gear ratio has been reduced to 3.083:1 for improved acceleration, without compromising the Vantage’s impressive top speed. With this setup, the latest Aston model can achieve a rapid 0-60 mph time of only 3.4 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 202 mph.

The updated Vantage, similar to its predecessor, is fused together through a process known as bonding in the automotive industry. This method offers some leeway in creating the chassis, and Aston has made use of it in their design. The latest model features an amended underbody to enhance torsional strength. Moreover, the manufacturer has repositioned one of the front cross-members, claiming that this contributes to improved stability in the suspension mounting areas and enhances the handling experience. Additionally, the strut brace has been crafted to be both lighter and stiffer – qualities that are surely appreciated by anyone.

The rigidity of the chassis has also been enhanced at the rear through the implementation of several modifications. These upgrades allow for improved performance from the newly installed Bilstein DTX adaptive dampers. While it may be difficult to accurately measure the impact of these alterations, Aston asserts that there are noticeable discrepancies when driving between the previous and current configurations.

Software is responsible for facilitating these modifications to the hardware. According to Aston, the different traction-control modes, launch control mechanism, and electronic power steering have undergone readjustments in order to enhance overall performance and driver connection. The organization elaborated extensively on how these systems gather data and function, but the ultimate assessment will be observed on a curvy track.

Halting all of this advanced technology is a braking mechanism that comprises front steel rotors measuring 400mm and six-piston calipers, as well as rear rotors measuring 360mm and four-piston calipers. For those seeking even lighter weight, the option of carbon ceramic brakes is available, cutting down nearly 60 pounds of unsprung mass.

The New Aston Martin Vantage | Engineered for real drivers

There are multiple alterations taking place here that cannot be adequately summarized without a spreadsheet, but the main point is evident upon first glance at the vehicle. It is noticeably wider than its predecessor and features significantly revamped body panels. This two-door GT model contains a front-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive, with proportions that can only stray so far from perfection. This car has also been previewed at Daytona, though surprisingly, it went largely unnoticed.

Shipments for the freshly launched Vantage model are expected to commence in the second quarter of 2024, alongside the probable revelation of pricing details during that timeframe.

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