2025 Audi A3 Sedan Introduces All-New Raised Allstreet Model

Sad news: US won’t receive trim.

The much-awaited redesigned 2025 Audi A3 Sedan has made its debut, confirming what we had already assumed from spy images. The sedan will be the sole body type available in the American market, while the Sportback and a newly introduced allstreet variant with a slight lift won’t be making their way across the Atlantic.The eagerly anticipated facelifted version of the 2025 Audi A3 Sedan has finally been unveiled to the public, as we had predicted from previously leaked spy photos. In addition to the sedan, which will exclusively cater to the US market, Audi also showcased the Sportback and an all-new allstreet model with a minor elevation. Unfortunately, these particular models will not be hitting American shores.

As this is an international debut, Audi has not disclosed any specific details about engine choices for the US. While Europe is set to receive a 1.5-liter petrol engine, a diesel option, and a plug-in hybrid, it can be assumed that the North American market will continue to offer a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 201 horsepower. This power will be transmitted to either front or all-wheel drive using a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. There is a possibility that Audi may increase the power output of the vehicle, however, no official confirmation has been made at this time.

As this is merely a refresh rather than an entirely novel design, the modifications are relatively minor. Audi has restructured the front grille to be flatter and wider, with sizeable side air intakes that are linked by a front spoiler, giving the car a visually lower profile. The rear sees a new bumper influenced by the upcoming RS3, likely to be announced at the same time as the S3. Not only does the RS3 serve as inspiration, but the A3’s headlights now boast 24 pixel elements capable of projecting various lighting designs. Fresh hues such as Progressive Red and District Green have been added, while Daytona Gray also makes its debut in matte finish for the first time ever on an A3 model.

Europe sees a notable transformation with the introduction of the allstreet body type. Similar to the allroad, it is essentially a slightly elevated hatchback. The front grille is positioned higher than on the Sportback, resulting in the A3 allstreet having more of a crossover look, reminiscent of Q models. The suspension has been raised by almost an inch compared to its hatchback counterpart, and with the incorporation of larger wheels, the ground clearance has been enhanced by 1.2 inches.

The updates to the interior are relatively insignificant, given that the A3 already boasts a sleek cabin. Standard features include a three-spoke leather steering wheel with multifunctional plus capabilities and an ambient light package. Audi has also added a new compact shifter for the S tronic transmission, reminiscent of the one found in the e-tron GT model. For those seeking enhanced audio quality, the A3 now offers an optional Sonos sound system with 3D surround sound. As before, the infotainment system can be controlled through the 10.1-inch touchscreen and Audi virtual cockpit.

The cabin is equipped with technical textured fabric created from 100% recycled polyester and Dinamica microfiber, making it environmentally friendly. For a more athletic appearance and sensation, S-Line seats are also an option with added bolstering.

Audi has announced that pre-orders for the 2025 A3 will commence in March of 2024, however it may be a considerable amount of time before the vehicle is available at American dealerships. According to an Audi representative based in the US, further details specific to the market can be expected later this year. The existing A3 model is among the more reasonably-priced luxury sedans on the market, with a starting price of $35,800 for the 40 Premium version, and increasing to $37,800 with the addition of quattro all-wheel-drive. While we anticipate that the cost for the 2025 model will not see a significant increase, it is likely to be slightly higher due to the inclusion of additional standard features.

Stay tuned for updates on the 2025 Audi A3 in later months.

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