Spy Photos of 8 Possible Cars: Sept. 18-23, 2023

4 Electric Car Highlights: Porsche, Nissan, Hyundai, Peugeot

Motor1.com posts spy photographs of forthcoming cars almost daily, and at times even more than that. For those that wish to remain abreast of the most current trends in automobile design, this list enumerates all sightings of development vehicles from the past seven days.

The Hyundai Casper is a delightful, diminutive EV with a cuboid figure. This particular model currently has a cover on it, yet does not truly hide the shape of the car. The styling looks to be quite akin to that of the gas-powered variant.

The newly-revamped Hyundai Tucson is currently being developed in Europe. A modified wrap around the hood intimates that the headlamps and driving lights will get enhancements. The lower bumper also appears to have slight changes.

Nissan’s eagerly awaited Ariya electric crossover is now being endowed with a sporty Nismo variant. Its exterior is now more expressive while 20-inch rims have been added for a heightened appeal. Furthermore, it is very likely that an increase in power will be seen as well.

This newly-redesigned Nissan Rogue presents the most recent version of the improved model. The facade has been significantly refurbished, with both the front and rear components modified in order to give a revitalized aesthetic. While no images have been released, one can imagine that the inner parts should also be improved upon.

It is no surprise that Opel is introducing the new Crossland EV, as evidenced by the lightning bolt prominently displayed on the driver’s side door. The version for sale in 2024 will be particularly striking with its bright orange accents.

The all-electric Peugeot E-5008 strikes a distinctive profile, closely resembling its combustion counterpart with a few notable design modifications. Ascetically sharp-angled, the front grille is notably cut off aside from a narrow gap near the bottom.

Take a peek inside the soon-to-be-released Porsche Boxster EV! It boasts a digital gauge cluster and a rectangular entertainment screen. There’s an array of physical switches located beneath the mid-screen controls. Further down on the center console, you’ll find the air conditioner buttons.

The upcoming Porsche 911 will possess a hybrid adaptation, and this is it! Significantly noticeable on the back window is the yellow sticker, confirming that this car is fitted with an electrified powertrain. Additionally, mounted at the rear of the vehicle is an extraordinary fixed wing.

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