2025 BMW M2 CS: Auto-Only.

Mourning the Hopes and Dreams of Enthusiasts

We regrettably bring tidings of disappointment: the impending BMW M2 CS sequel will not be accompanied with a manual gearbox, unlike its illustrious forerunner. Ynguldyn, a reliable source, disclosed this information via an online BimmerPost forum post. Moreover, the luxurious special edition is set to move into production from August 2025 and will only remain in manufacturing for one year, similar to all prior CS vehicles, concluding in July 2026.

It is predicted that the exclusive variation is not coming before the BMW M2 G87 undergoes its mid-cycle rejuvenation, similar to the procedure enacted with the F87. This makes 2025 the projected date for it to be in production.

We’ve been informed that the M3 CS/M4 CSL will include, to name a few, carbon fiber-made roof, bucket chairs and steering wheel embellished with Alcantara fabric as its standard equipment.

Speculation has been airing around that the M2 Special Edition may be introduced as a CSL. Recent paparazzi images have indicated a potential for an identical “duckbill” spoiler like that of the G82 model, yet we will have to see exactly what BMW decides to present. Considering BMW previously contemplated an M2 CSL and created a prototype built on the F87 platform, anything can happen.

Below the hood, we should anticipate that the 3.0-liter dual turbo S58 straight-six will produce beyond 500 horsepower, far outshining the present M4. To stay clear of overlapping with that vehicle’s functions, the Competition version will most likely become the regular model. We have already begun to view this trend start with other BMW M vehicles, like the M8, X5 M, and X6 M.

It is such a pity that the hatchback model of the M range, the S58, is not able to capitalize on having three pedals. Those F87 CS owners must be absolutely delighted by this report; in June of last year, an example went up for sale and it ended up being a six-figure auction price despite it getting regular use. With the sole fact that the F87 will be distinguished as the only manual M2 CS, its value may undoubtedly ramp up greatly.

Should we really abhor the lack of a cane, recognizing that sales will still be profitable nevertheless? Let us know your sentiments.

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