Limited Edition BMW 3.0 CSL: A Seven-Figure Investment

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In November of 2022, BMW introduced the 3.0 CSL as their strongest six-cylinder model and announced a limited production of only 50 cars, each with its own unique number. While the company did not disclose information about the car’s cost or where it would be sold at that time, it was clear that this would be their most high-priced offering yet. If you were unable to secure a reservation initially, fear not as a luxury car dealership in Germany may be able to rectify that misfortune for you now.

Luxury Cars Hamburg has put on the market one out of the 50 available models of a high-end sports car, priced at €1,249 million. This amount equals approximately $1.35 million in today’s exchange rates. Is this higher than the original factory cost? While there is no definitive answer to this, it has been rumored that the manufacturer initially sought a price of over $800,000 for each vehicle. This suggests that the buyer may have intentions of making a swift profit.

Based on the car’s present odometer reading of only 25 kilometers (16 miles), it is reasonable to conclude that this vehicle has likely never been used on public streets for more than a brief period of time. The advertisement also claims that the coupe had only one previous owner, adding more support to our speculation that this 3.0 CSL was purchased as a financial investment rather than for practical transportation or as a addition to a car collection.

The advertisement does not provide a comprehensive list of the vehicle’s equipment and specifications, however, our associates at BMW Blog note that all cars were constructed with identical features. The exterior was painted in Alpine White and adorned with a distinctive M design, paying homage to the initial 3.0 CSL model from 1970. Each of the 50 vehicles boasted a six-speed manual transmission and an enhanced 3.0-liter six-cylinder motor, producing a formidable 560 horsepower and 404 pound-feet of torque.

BMW employed exclusive manufacturing techniques to construct the limited-edition version, incorporating distinct procedures for beading and welding the wheel arches, which boast a much wider stance than the original M4 that served as the foundation for the new 3.0 CSL. The exterior coating was expertly applied at a specialized station within the Dingolfing paint facility. The last stage of production was carried out at a bespoke workshop in Moosthenning, an external location managed by BMW solely for this particular model.

Source: Luxury Cars Hamburg

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