2025 BMW X3 Lights Expose, Quad Exhaust Concealed

Next Gen BMW X3: Notable Design Changes

Since 2017, the current generation of the BMW X3 has been – up for sale. After a facelift in 2021, the X3 is now getting ready to migrate to the next era. Although yet to be officially declared and presented by BMW, sightings of the up-and-coming compact SUV have been witnessed travelling around on the roads. In particular, the recent ones from Brian Williams show off some tantalizing features of the 2025 BMW X5.

When car manufacturers begin to test drive their latest offerings, it’s usually sign that the vehicle is close to the completion of its production cycle. As these items tend to be either nearly finished or full prototypes, they typically contain mostly real-world components and parts. To ensure that people are not able to discern the design aesthetics of their new cars, automakers disguise them with either light or heavy camouflage.

In the event of this BMW X3, it still had considerable camouflage while traversing the roadway. This should impede individuals from having a comprehensive perception of how the vehicles appear before their unveiled or release. Nevertheless, several of the disguised X3 elements stay exposed, and it appears that it’s already flaunting its production lights.

Despite the abundant camouflage on the X3 prototype, there were still certain external features that could be observed. Most notably, the BMW badge grille was noticed to be much reduced and less pronounced compared to the current version. Moreover, the revised front end exhibited a central air intake that seemed significantly bigger plus another two smaller ones at each side.

The roofline displays a more pronounced arch, and the door handles blend in with the surrounding panelling. Flipping over to the back of the camouflaged X3 SUV, one will notice a substantial spoiler fitted behind. Previously spied prototypes included two visible quad exhaust tips on each side. However, this particular example has been equipped with an altered rear bumper that is big enough to hide the M exhaust tips. These alterations could allude to the likelihood that the recently witnessed and previously photographed models are alternative versions of the same X3.

Recent spy photographs may demonstrate a few insights concerning the forthcoming BMW X3, however, there is also the probability that some of these components might not be included in the final rendition. Without a doubt, the camouflage could have efficiently hidden those areas that BMW doesn’t wish to make visible as of now.

Regarding the interior, the BMW X3 should boast a classic cabin that emanates a refined and opulent atmosphere. In terms of tech, it should feature multiple screens, even though it may not appear as cutting-edge as the cabin of the newly unveiled Vision Neue Klasse concept. BMW could reveal the all-new X3 in the coming months. Until then, one can certainly anticipate the impending 2025 X3 with eagerness.

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