Unmasking the BMW i5 Touring: M60 Wagon Promises High Performance and Unique Design

Leaked Photos of BMW’s i5 Wagon Stir Buzz After Teaser Drop

Photos of the brand new BMW i5 have surfaced on the internet, displaying the yet-to-be-unveiled wagon model in all its magnificent splendor. Due to the exceptional clarity of these images, a few conspiracy theorists are speculating whether BMW intentionally released them. Regardless, it seems like these photos of the G61 wagon were taken during a promotional shoot that we can expect to witness very soon – as the official debut is scheduled for the upcoming spring season.

The car’s model is the i5 xDrive40, as indicated by the emblem on the rear door, and its exterior is adorned with a greenish-gray shade known as Cape York Green Metallic. This adds an extra cost of $650 to the base i5 Sedan.

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The xDrive40 version of the i5 is not available in our region, only the rear-wheel driven eDrive40 and the M60 i5 with high performance. With a battery capacity of 84.3 kWh, the eDrive40 has an approximate range of 295 miles, while the M60 xDrive, designed for better performance, can cover up to 256 miles before requiring a recharge. As the i5 Touring will be heavier, it will also need to be charged more frequently. The power outputs for these two models are 335 horsepower and up to 593 hp, respectively.

America’s fixation on SUVs has resulted in the decision to not make the 5 Series wagon available in the country. Instead, Americans will have the opportunity to own the M5 Touring.

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The coveted M5 model is the one we have been eagerly anticipating, and the wait will certainly be worthwhile. BMW has officially announced that the highly efficient XM engine will make its way to the M5, indicating that we can anticipate a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 plug-in hybrid powertrain. In its most high-performing configuration, this engine produces a whopping 738 horsepower along with a corresponding torque figure – a substantial amount even for a bulky wagon.

When it comes to influence, a mere couple of hours prior to the aforementioned information spreading rapidly, BMW gave a sneak peek of the sleek i5 M60 wagon. With both the leak and preview happening in such close proximity, it’s possible that the electric wagon will make its official debut sooner than originally anticipated.

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