250K Honda Vehicles Under NHTSA Investigation for Unexpected Auto Braking

46 Honda Vehicles Reportedly Braking Without Warning – Investigations Underway

The NHTSA has initiated an inquiry into specific models of Honda Insights and Passports after numerous reports of sudden braking occurrences. The agency is currently gathering additional details to determine if there are instances of unintended brake engagement.

The inquiry, initiated on March 7th, centers around the Insights and Passports produced between 2019 and 2022. According to a report from the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI), a total of 46 grievances have been lodged concerning the braking system, with drivers claiming that the brakes activated without any apparent obstruction causing them to engage. Out of these incidents, three resulted in accidents or fires, while two reportedly caused injuries. The document identifies approximately 250,712 vehicles under scrutiny.

It is critical to mention that this is not a product recall, but a preliminary probe into a possible issue. Upon reaching out to Motor1, a representative from Honda shared the following statement:

Apart from the unintentional engagement of the brakes, the specifics such as the velocity and location during the incident and whether cruise control had been activated remain undisclosed. Furthermore, the reason for pinpointing the Passport and Insight over other Honda vehicles equipped with emergency braking remains unexplained. Rest assured that if any further details surface, we will provide an immediate update.

The latest iteration of the Passport made its way back to the North American market in 2019. However, its sales figures showed a decline over time, with a peak of 53,133 units sold in 2021 and a decrease to 41,306 in 2022. The Insight, on the other hand, did not garner as much popularity. Its most successful year was in 2021, with only 19,431 units sold, and it was eventually phased out from Honda’s US lineup after 2022, with only 7,628 sales recorded in that final year. Nevertheless, the Passport still remains a presence on the roads as a new model is currently being developed.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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