Wireless Apple CarPlay Now Available in Honda Accord for $112 Plus Installation

Honda 2018-2022 Accord Software Update: Unleashing Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto through Dealer Install.

On Tuesday, Honda unveiled a new initiative to provide a software upgrade for Honda Accord vehicles through dealerships, allowing for wireless connectivity with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This upgrade option is specifically designed for Accord models that did not come equipped with these features upon purchase. The upgrade is currently available for all 2018 to 2022 model-year Accords, with a fee of $112 plus any associated labor costs at the dealer.

According to Honda, “The upgrade is open to all 2018-2022 Accord models that came with factory-installed wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.” This means that approximately 631,000 Accords in the US are qualified for the upgrade. The automaker states that this initiative is a part of their sustainability campaign, which aims to “enhance the long-term worth of existing Honda vehicles by providing enhancements and fresh digital features.”

The latest software update is being rolled out by Honda, coinciding with their top rival Toyota’s launch of a new certified pre-owned program. Boasting warranties for vehicles up to a decade old and with 125,000 miles on the odometer, these programs are aiming to entice potential buyers in the market for a used car.Honda has recently released a software upgrade, synchronized with its main competitor Toyota’s introduction of a fresh certified pre-owned scheme. These programs guarantee warranties for automobiles as old as 10 years and with a mileage of 125,000 clocked miles, in an effort to attract interested customers looking to purchase a second-hand vehicle.

Honda has confirmed to Motor1 that the latest software upgrade is now available for installation at any authorized dealer. This update was announced by a spokesperson from Honda, who stated that it can be accessed and utilized by customers immediately.The said software upgrade has been made possible through the efforts of Honda’s development team, with the aim of improving the overall performance and functionality of their vehicles. The company believes that this upgrade will greatly benefit their customers and enhance their driving experience.According to the spokesperson, the new software version offers various enhancements, including improved fuel efficiency, smoother engine operation, and better vehicle handling. It also includes updates to the in-car technology, such as the infotainment system and safety features.This software upgrade is compatible with all Honda models and can be easily installed by trained technicians at any authorized dealership. Honda encourages its customers to take advantage of this opportunity and have the update installed as soon as possible.Customers who have already installed the software upgrade have reported positive results and are satisfied with the improvements made to their vehicles. They have noticed significant changes in terms of performance and convenience, making their driving experience more enjoyable.In conclusion, Honda’s latest software upgrade is now available for installation at authorized dealerships and promises to enhance the overall driving experience for their valued customers. Don

In a recent statement, Jay Joseph, the vice president of Sustainable and Business Development at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced that a software update will now allow customers to seamlessly connect their Honda vehicles to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through wireless means. This update utilizes the existing hardware in the vehicles, providing a convenient solution for users. Joseph emphasized that improving the ownership experience and increasing the market value of current Honda vehicles is an important step in achieving the company’s goal of achieving zero environmental impact by 2050.

Not all owners of 2018-2022 Accords will be required to pay separately for wireless CarPlay. According to Honda, the software update will be provided at no additional cost for all qualifying models purchased as certified pre-owned vehicles. Therefore, if you purchase a suitable pre-owned Accord from the dealership, you can expect the feature to already be included.

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