281-HP Ford Transit: The Ultimate Choice for a Cool Work Van

Ford Ranger and Transit: Workhorses with a Twist of Fun

This upgraded Transit may not be the crazy Ford Supervan that smashed a Pikes Peak record, but it is a purchasable van. Available through Ford Pro in the United Kingdom, it comes as a utility vehicle equipped with Ford Pro technology designed for business and fleet purposes. Additionally, it boasts a sleek body modification, larger tires, and an electric model with increased horsepower. For those seeking added versatility, Ford also offers a sporty new Ranger.

The improvements stem from MS-RT, a company closely tied to Ford’s rally racing ventures at M-Sport. As a result, the Transit Custom MS-RT boasts an imposing front design featuring wide side vents and a built-in chin spoiler. This aesthetic continues with its sleek side panels and rear fascia, complete with an integrated diffuser, all of which create a more streamlined appearance without altering the suspension. Its width has been extended by a couple of inches, courtesy of bold fender flares housing 19-inch wheels wrapped in 235/45-series Goodyear tires that provide both a sporty feel and commercial-grade durability. Despite this, it remains a reliable work van at its core.

Consumers have the option to select from a variety of exhilarating exterior shades, and within the vehicle’s interior, you’ll discover enhanced MS-RT athletic seating adorned in animal-friendly leather and suede materials. Depending on the nature of your tasks, the Transit offers the ability to install either a lone seat for the driver or up to five seats, all boasting the sleek MS-RT design. While there are no notable enhancements to the mechanics, the electric E-Transit with MS-RT details receives a power increase of 281 horsepower.

The Ranger MS-RT, on the other hand, does not fall short in terms of mechanical enhancements. Ford proudly touts it as “the ultimate street truck,” and for good reason. The front now boasts firmer dampers, while the rear suspension has been retuned to achieve a 1.5-inch drop on all sides. Along with a sleek body kit, bold fender flares, and massive 21-inch wheels – the largest ever seen on a Ranger, according to Ford – the MS-RT work truck exudes a strong street-truck presence. However, its claim to being the ultimate street truck may be challenged by the likes of the GMC Syclone, second-generation Ford F-150 Lightning, or the Ram SRT-10.

According to Hans Schep, general manager of Ford Pro Europe, “If the Ranger Raptor is considered the ultimate off-road truck, then the Ranger MS-RT takes the title of the ultimate street truck.” This statement highlights the impressive capabilities of the Ranger MS-RT, which sets itself apart from other trucks in the European market. Despite its departure from traditional norms in this segment, the Ranger MS-RT still maintains its car-like driving dynamics and retains its impressive towing and carrying capacity. As a result, Ford believes that this truck will provide a highly appealing alternative for pickup customers.

The Transit Custom and Ranger MS-RT variants can currently only be found in the European market. As of now, there is no indication from Ford that these enhancements will be introduced to the United States. However, orders can now be placed through select Ford Pro dealers, and it is estimated that deliveries will commence in mid-2024.

Source: Ford

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