600-HP V-12 Restomod Jaguar XJS: A Stunning Makeover

Limited production run of 88 vehicles planned by revived British manufacturer.

The 1980s are back in full force with the revival of Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) and its debut model, the Supercat, a highly customized Jaguar XJS. Unveiled today, the car flaunts a noticeably more muscular appearance compared to the original XJS coupe. Not just a pretty face, the Supercat packs a punch with a supercharged V-12 engine churning out “more than 600 horsepower.”

TWR is proceeding cautiously with the Supercat debut, focusing solely on the exterior design at this stage. The iconic grand tourer has undergone a significant transformation, now featuring a predominantly carbon fiber body that required “tens of thousands of hours” to develop. A prominent chin spoiler commands attention on the updated lower fascia, seamlessly flowing into boldly flared wheel arches. The redesigned hood boasts a sizable cowl and louvers, complemented by a ducktail spoiler perched above a substantial diffuser at the rear. Side-exit exhaust finishers make their exit just before the vintage-inspired wheels, adding to the overall retro aesthetic.

Specifics like dimensions or mass have not been disclosed at this time. However, the company pledges significant enhancements in weight and aerodynamics compared to the original XJS. The Supercat’s styling is influenced by the XJR-9, XJR-15, and XJ220, which is expected considering TWR’s background with these vehicles in the 1980s and 1990s. Renowned car enthusiast and British fashion icon Magnus Walker contributed as a consultant in developing the design, collaborating with lead designer Khyzyl Saleem to bring the Supercat concept into reality.

Khyzyl Saleem, the design lead for the Supercat, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “This project is an incredible opportunity to interpret TWR’s winning legacy in today’s design language.” He went on to say, “In so many ways, my career in the digital and physical realms have been leading to this moment. In merging the requirements of Super-GT form and racing functionality we have created a unique identity that is instantly recognizable from its silhouette.”

The V-12 engine is a distinctive feature of the classic XJS. It is not clear if TWR utilizes an adapted edition of the initial Jaguar 5.3-liter twelve-cylinder engine or a more recent one, but a supercharger is included. This engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission, which replaces the standard automatic found in most V-12 models except for the earliest versions from the 1970s.

Getting a glimpse of the shifter inside the Supercat is another feature that will require some patience. Additional details will be shared before the car is released for sale later in the year, which will include a complete unveiling of the interior.

TWR is preparing to manufacture only 88 Superfelines to commemorate the victory of the XJR-9 at Le Mans in 1988. Priced starting at about £225,000 ($281,000 based on current exchange rates), they certainly won’t come cheap. However, these vehicles will be accessible for purchase to customers in the UK and key global markets, such as the United States.

Source: TWR

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