Jaguar’s Upcoming Deadline For Phasing Out Sports Cars And Sedans

Jaguar to Discontinue XE, XF, and F-Type Models in June; Focus Shifts to E-Pace, F-Pace, and I-Pace EV.

Jaguar’s CEO in the United States, Joe Eberhardt, has officially announced that the luxury brand will discontinue the manufacturing of its sedans and sports cars in June of this year. This means that for the near future, Jaguar will focus solely on producing SUVs. Among the models that will no longer be produced for the US market are the F-Type and XF, while the XE sedan, which has not been offered in the country since the 2020 model year, is also slated to be discontinued.

In an interview with Road & Track, Eberhardt affirmed that “the majority of our products will stop production in June, but they will remain available for a longer period of time.” This indicates that Jaguar will guarantee an excess of supply in order to meet the current demand, ensuring that the respective models will still be obtainable until the launch of their new, all-electric lineup. This new portfolio will feature a highly anticipated four-door electric GT with a price tag reaching six figures.

According to Eberhardt, the first priority is to maintain a consistent flow of vehicles until the arrival of the new cars. He states, “We will have a production schedule that allows us to have an uninterrupted supply of vehicles until the new cars are introduced.” The ultimate aim is to have a sufficient amount of vehicles to sustain us until the launch of the new product, ensuring a smooth transition.

This implies that individuals who place their orders early may still receive a customized vehicle according to their specific preferences, but after a certain amount of time, they will have to make do with a pre-configured car.

CarBuzz has contacted Jaguar USA for a statement regarding the impact of the affected models and its potential consequences in the American market. The article will be revised accordingly, however at this point in time, Jaguar remains a relatively small player in the industry. In 2023, their sales numbers took a dive with just 8,348 cars sold, marking a record low in the US market. With an outdated range of products, it is evident that Jaguar is in pressing need of a revitalized lineup.

Unfortunately, it seems like the XF will not be missed. Although it is a solid car, it faced difficulties in gaining popularity in the US and was never able to reach the same level as the 5 Series from BMW. In recent times, its position was somewhat ambiguous, falling somewhere between the 3 and 5 Series in terms of pricing in an attempt to attract customers from both segments.

The one that will be dearly missed is the F-Type. In early 2023, Jaguar revealed the exclusive F-Type 75 as a commemoration of their 75th year, bidding farewell to the beloved sports car. Soon after, they announced the F-Type ZP Edition, which will be the brand’s final traditional combustion vehicle, produced alongside nostalgic E-Type restorations.

In the near future, the Jaguar factories located in Castle Bromwich will be responsible for producing body panels for the F-Type, XE, and XF models, as well as the remaining three SUVs: the F-Pace, E-Pace, and electric I-Pace. This expansion of production is part of Jaguar’s plan to meet the growing demand for these popular vehicles.

Afterwards, the label will shift to solely electric vehicles. Jaguar is creating a unique structure known as Jaguar Electric Architecture (JEA), which will serve as the foundation for their upcoming four-door GT model. The price for this new edition will exceed $120,000 and it aims to have a range of 430 miles according to WLTP standards and will be more powerful than any previous Jaguar model, with a potential of over 600 horsepower.

The scheduled release for this particular model is set for 2025, following which we have been assured of two additional “reimagined Jaguars.” These are expected to be a revamped version of the F-Pace/I-Pace SUV and an electric sports car that we believe will be called the J-Type.

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