800-HP Ford GT Debuts on Sonoma Racetrack

Ford GT: An Artistic Masterpiece.

Nowadays, racing at the Velocity Invitational event at Sonoma Raceway has been gaining widespread interest, and Ford availed of this opportunity to display what its hottest mid-engine contraption can do. Unveiled in December 2020, the GT Mk IV was finally seen tearing up the track with spectators looking on – thus obliging us to acknowledge Evan Lewis (@evanlewis.expedition on Instagram) for providing us with the photographs.

Though the standard Ford GT produces 660 horses from its twin turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 motor, this unbelievable racetrack exclusive presents over 800. It’s a surprise though that the accomplishment demonstrated down below didn’t take place with full potential.

$1.7million Ford GT MkIV makes world debut on track

At the unveiling, Multimatic development driver Scott Maxwell enlightened the crowd on the distinct power configurations accessible in the vehicle. Of these, three are available with engine Mode 1 maximising horsepower at around 500. Askew this magnitude of power output, Maxwell shared that it was the first time he had been exposed to something which left him questioning why 500 hp felt comparatively sluggish. He noted moreover that the steadiness made handling that amount of thrust straightforward and almost effortless. Having up to 2,400 lbs of downforce, this car would totally show its prowess at a more expansive track such as Circuit de la Sarthe, host of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Maxwell cranks up the dial to nearly 700 horsepower with Mode 3 allowing a full range of over 800 horses. He notes that this will provide you with a big grin, nonetheless, you need to be attentive when operating and claims that Mode 2 is the preferred setting.

Maxwell brought guests on a tour of Sonoma Raceway but never went beyond Mode 2. Seeing as only 67 were built at a price tag of around $1.7 million each, he wanted to avoid any unnecessary risks.


We eagerly anticipate seeing this astounding vehicle pushed to its extremities; yet, outside of some loyalists, few acquirers won’t even take a chance by driving it vigorously. It is one thing to pay money for it and a completely different matter altogether to utilize the car as its creators designed.

In the present market, you can find ultra-luxury track cars everywhere. The Maserati MCXtrema goes for close to $1.8 million, the McLaren Solus GT is valued at $3.5 million, and the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro starts around $4 million. A Bugatti Bolide has a price tag over $4.3 million, so at only $1.7 million, the GT Mk IV seems reasonably priced.

If too pricey for your desire, yet yearning a Ford with racing heritage, the Mustang GTD gives you 800 hp at only $300,000 – yet it can be driven on highways.

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