Ford Mustang GT3 Debuts at Le Mans

Ford Debuts 5.4 Mustang Dark Horse in FIA GT3 Races

This afternoon, the much-anticipated arrival of Ford’s newest racing machine was made official: the 2024 Mustang GT3. With its edgy design and powerful engine, this sports car is sure to be a hit amongst devoted fans. Boasting an advanced suspension system and aerodynamic elements, this race car offers breathtaking levels of performance and torque output. Additionally, its lightweight structure helps it to travel at incredible speeds. Already, it has been highly praised by motorheads and racecar enthusiasts alike for its impressive capabilities. It looks like the 2024 Ford Mustang GT3 is ready to make some waves in the muscle car market!

At the prestigious Le Mans, on the verge of celebrating its centenary, an unveiling was hosted which showcased a daring, novel Ford Mustang Dark Horse-based racecar. In 2024 this racing vehicle will start to participate in events across the globe and has been officially approved to join the FIA’s GT3 racers.

The Mustang GT3 will challenge in the 2024 Le Mans 24-Hour endurance competition come June.

It appears magnificent in world-renowned motorsports creator Troy Lee’s paint job, featuring the freshly-introduced Ford Performance insignia. Adorned with the 2024 Mustang’s fresh design, it complements Ford Performance’s racing aerodynamics plan that boasts an amazing rear wing.

This latest Ford competition automobile is equipped with a custom-designed short-long arm suspension, a rear-mounted transaxle gearbox, and lightweight carbon fiber body panels.

Ford declares that it will remain partnered with esteemed firms like M-Sport and Multimatic. Multimatic previously put together the Ford GT, and now, two-time champs M-Sport are responsible for constructing the 5.4-liter, competition ready adaptation of the celebrated Ford Coyote V8.

2024 Mustang GT3 | Bred to Race | Ford Performance

Subsequent to Ford’s grand success at Le Mans in 2016 utilizing the Ford GT, the Ford Mustang GT3 racing model is ready-made to vie globally against the toughest rivals in one of the longest standing auto races.

Ford announced Proton as its inaugural customer team set to compete in the GT3 category of the FIA World Endurance Championship.

The legendary 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans is coming to France’s renowned track, Circuit de la Sarthe. It marks a special occasion as it is the 100th anniversary of its inaugural race in 1923. As Ford has expressed, the competition for success is no longer between Ford and Ferrari; instead, they face rivals from around the globe. Ford has decided to use its iconic Mustang car in what is sure to be an epic event.

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