850-HP Ford Econoline Van: Hot Rod Masterpiece

Father-Son Duo Builds Home in 90 Days

The underrated and unassuming Ford Econoline, the predecessor to the Transit, is an amazing workhorse – legendary enough to be featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ant-Man movie. However, this special one created by the DeBerti father-and-son team might just be the most remarkable of these existing Econolines cruising the roads.

For the uninitiated, these guys are the expert engineers at DeBerti Design, which previously captured audience attention with their presence in Discovery TV’s popular show Twin Turbos.

Featured on AutotopiaLA is the highly-modified 1961 Econoline van, featuring a supercharged 5.8 liter Coyote V8 motor and full-race frame to take the pressure from its 850 horsepower. Additionally, much like the Evel Knievel Bel Air homage that we’ve seen previously, it sports an air suspension system.

Supercharged 850 hp Ford Econoline Van Shredding Tires & DeBerti Contest Winner Announced!!

A Ford 9-inch rear axle, a Reid S80 automatic gearbox, alongside a Gibson exhaust system compose the technical specifications of this wonderful development.

The interior offers a custom cabin with most of the components made by hand. Impossibly, they constructed the vehicle in an astonishingly short amount of time – just 90 days – for a television program.

Curiously, this van is configured for right-hand driving. The creators had intended to place the steering wheel in the middle, however, its proprietors were not pleased with such a thought. The video clip portrayed these owners driving their modified Econoline around town with the presenter as a passenger. To implement this, they incorporated and fastened together a backseat with seatbelts.

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As it ran, the supercharger’s distinct whine and the engine’s thunderous rumble could be heard as it completed a number of laps. Furthermore, Brad had an opportunity to show off the vehicle’s impressive thrust when he opened up the accelerator while the van was in second gear. Additionally, the DeBerti’s parking lot was treated to an exhibition of burnouts and doughnuts, which the van evidently pulled off without difficulty.

This Econoline spinout machine is portrayed as heaps of joyous amusement. Owing to its impeccable artistic finish with clandestine smiley faces, it even appears the component. Even better, it marvelously opposes that menacingly intimidating six-wheeler Chevy C10 that the DeBertis pair also constructed.

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