GMC Hummer EV & Chevy K10 Race in Forza Horizon 5’s Truck Fest!

Exploring New Horizons in Series Update

The newest installment of Forza Horizon 5 is here and it has plenty of thrilling updates, fresh accolades, and six new cars to be unlocked and raced. Dubbed “Explore The Horizon”, the 21st series update focuses on off-roading, overlanding, and discovering the huge, imaginary map of Mexico.

Investigating the new additions, we witness the introduction of some dazzling rides. From the super luxe C63 to the iconic Lamborghini Murcielago SV, there certainly isn’t a lack of choice. Every vehicle comes with its own individual set of liveries so you can personalize your ride to your heart’s content.Prior to taking in the new cars, let us cast our gaze at the enhancements that have been made to the game. The upgrade of Photo Mode is particularly noteworthy; users are now able to customize the day, time and weather conditions as well as manipulating the angle of the wheels in real-time. Furthermore, one’s avatar has the capability of being situated outside of the automobile and striking a plethora of poses too.Exploring these fresh arrivals, they come laden with an array of marvellous vehicles. Choices range from the glitzy C63 to the classic Lamborghini Murcielago SV – no wonder there’s something for everyone! Each car has distinctive liveries available so gamers can customise their set of wheels according to their preferred style.

However, if you are curious about automobiles, with an emphasis on trucks, yet still some other vehicles worth exploring, then you will find satisfaction here.

Players of FH5 have been thrilled to discover they receive the stunning Formentor VZ5 at no expense as part of the newest update. This vehicle boasts an Audi-adapted 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine, delivering a robust 385 horsepower. Accelerating from 0 to 62 mph is achieved in as few as 4.2 seconds, and has a maximum speed of 155 mph.

This iconic motor also features powered the RS3 and TT RS, obtainable in Horizon 5. The Formentor VZ5 joins the UrbanRebel prototype, incorporated to the game late last year. Cupra devotees can furthermore count on the Tavascan Concept. Even though less stirring than the Formentor VZ5, the Tavascan is the most recent all-electric vehicle included in the title.

An exceptionally impressive in-game function is the capacity to switch out the battery and electric motor for extra strength and an exclusive sound. Cupra recently presented the final form of the Tavascan.

The inaugural offering of the accessible autos is the ’19 DeBerti Super Duty F-250 ‘Converter.’ Reachable from May 25, this rock-solid pick-up comes with a 6.7-liter diesel engine boasting an impressive 850 horse power. It’s a powerfully constructed machine, with strong 37-inch tires, raised suspension, and a range of other off-road bolstering features.

DeBerti’s ‘Transformer’ is among many pick-up trucks and 4-wheelers that receive unique overlanding transformations. Included in this would be the Mercedes X-Class, the current Ford Ranger Raptor, and the 1997 Land Rover Defender 90. Apart from the ‘Transformer’, other automotive builds from DeBerti that can be found in the game are the F-150 PreRunner, Wrangler Unlimited, and Silverado-based Drift Truck.

On June the 1st, The ’86 Ford F-150 will be a hit amongst motoring fans. Other than the iconic ’56 F100, it will be the first time a classic pickup truck from the Ford Motor Company has come to Forza Horizon 5. What powers this fine vehicle is a 185 horse-power 5.0 liter V8 engine, and this can even be increased through visiting the store for upgrades.

It’s intriguing to speculate on which performance alteration and engine substitutions will be available for this classic F-150, in addition to the fixture of overlanding accessories. Grammar check:It is intriguing to speculate on which performance modifications and engine swaps will be offered for this classic F-150, in addition to the fixtures of overlanding accessories.

If you’re not particularly drawn to Ford offerings, then we believe that you’ll find a great deal of appeal in the Chevrolet K-10 Custom. Over the years, the C/K Series of Chevy trucks have grown exceptionally popular amongst collectors; no doubt owing to how it stands as one of the all-time finest Chevrolet trucks.

“The ‘K’ in the K-10 Custom denotes four-wheel drive, a feature that will come in very handy in the game’s fictionalized version of Mexico. With its muddy roads and expansive deserts, the K-10 Custom will be the perfect retro explorer. Even with only 175 horses under the hood, it’s still less powerful than the F-150, but can be upgraded to suit your needs.”

The K-10 is one of only two Chevy pickup vehicles; the other is the fresh 2016 Colorado ZR2. With anticipation, General Motors will hopefully add the most up-to-date Colorado to their roster following the recent inclussion of two Cadillac Blackwing sedans.

The ’22 Hummer EV Pickup is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles to be added to the game recently. Players will have to wait until June 15 to experience the amazing power of 1,000 virtual horses. Until then, players can get a taste of the electric behemoth in the monthly “Rivals” time attack event.

When playing the game, the Hummer EV Pickup is placed in “Terrain Mode” and can be outfitted with a range of accessories – such as a rooftop tent. Unfortunately, fitting this will stop you from taking off the modular sky panels.

The ever-pervasive Hummer has made its way into yet another video game with Forza Horizon 5 being the latest, leaping from its shock entrance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II in 2020.


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