885HP Mazda MX-5: Chevy V8 Dragster

Miata Build with Factory Oomph for Sale

The much-adored Mazda MX-5 Miata, renowned for its deft maneuverability and unmistakable silhouette, has enduringly been a darling of sports car enthusiasts. Yet this Miata has been transformed from a dearly-cherished heirloom to an aggressive drag-racing juggernaut that defies traditional ideas of what a sporty roadster should be.

The inaugural Mazda MX-5 NA offered a nod to late 1940s English sporting vehicles, sparking the zeal of vintage favourites like the Lotus Elan, MGB, and Triumph Spitfire. Though admittedly, its mph output wasn’t staggering, the authentic driving experience it provided was unparalleled.

This unique Mazda Miata, spotted on Facebook Marketplace, couldn’t be any more different than its stock kin; think rocket-versus-wheelbarrow. 529 cubic inch of pure muscle appears beneath the hood in the form of a Kaiser Racing engine – unquestionably a turbocharged variant of Chevy’s V8 with Aurora’s short-deck block, Bryant crankshaft, and Jesel Keyed lifters. Its 855hp output single-handedly propels this roadster to previously unknown paces; it can gallop across landscapes like a squirrel laced with caffeine on skates powered by rocket fuel.

The Miata’s metamorphosis entails a MagnaFuel ProStar 500 fuel system and the M&M Air Shifter executes gearing. The dragster’s back-end motion is handled by a Strange Engineering differential featuring a 40-spline aluminum link center. To not forget, the lightweight yet formidable carbon fiber driveshaft completes it.

Let’s talk about the details of this impressive Miata: Its Chromoly-constructed 8.50 certified chassis is built for power as well as total safety. Furthermore, its 4-link suspension and implemental wishbone design augment traction and stability for a reliable ride. Its perimeter beadlock wheels provide ideal friction to stop slippage and assure a solid grip; plus, custom Hoosier slicks increase traction for a stronger traction result at the drag strip.

The Mazda Miata dragster has adopted new safety measures such as seatbelts, and brakes have been improved to incorporate all four discs. Reinforced chassis plates located on the front and center of the vehicle provide elevated structural stability. In order to keep this car from flipping over and enable a swift stop, a parachute and wheelie bars are essential add-ons.

As an additional reward, the Miata available for purchase is supplied with two bonnets, very similar to a choice of apparel. Presently fit out for 8.50-second index racing, this Miata drag racer has accomplished the renowned distinction of being twice awarded by the NHRA as Best Engineered Builder.

The cost of this impressive dragster? It can all be yours for the price tag of $22,000 without the engine and transmission; though if you’d like a challenge why not purchase it as a full functioning vehicle for just $39,000. Though conversion of dragstes are not a new concept, this Mazda Miata is certainly unparalleled.

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