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In late 2016, Mazda brought out their Miata RF which offered owners of the fourth-generation of the roadster the choice of a retractable hardtop. One proud owner of a model from 2023 loves their car, but has regrets for not choosing the original ragtop version instead.

Although possessing a hard-top, the Miata RF is still regarded as a convertible when it comes to racing, and it necessitates a roll cage if its proprietor wishes to join their regional time-attack race. Such apparatus can be attained from sellers, but fitting it impedes the roof’s aptitude to drop down – a feature that the driver takes pleasure in.

He desires to commission a custom-constructed product due to the fact that he likes the hardtop and the supplemental insulation it gives, so a soft top isn’t an alternative. The RF also possesses a more coupe-like look than its softer-roofed counterpart.

He has driven the car 3,728 miles (6,000 kilometers) in the past six months and is evidently quite pleased with it. The vehicle has no fit-and-finish issues, nor any squeaks or rattles. In the video, he states that the Miata is “one of the best cars I’ve owned as a regular everyday car.” This is a notable compliment for the impractical little car, coming from an enthusiast who is fond of small cars like the Honda S2000, Subaru BRZ, and Honda Del Sol.

He also emphasizes the car’s financially low-costs for ownership. It is a budget-friendly purchase, possession, and alteration. It gives a firm basis for those individuals who are desiring an inexpensive roadster, weekend fun machine, focused circuit auto, or anything in between.

Mazda recently promised that the beloved Miata “will never die,” and it looks like they’re making good on that promise. As the current-generation Miata ND approaches its 10th anniversary, production beginning in 2015 for the 2016 model year, Mazda is considering a hybrid version of the car, similar to the Iconic SP concept they revealed at the Japan Mobility Show. This could help to fix the roll bar issue in the future.

Source: MachMotorsport / YouTube

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