Abandoned Stunt Car From Days Of Thunder Beyond Repair

Destroyed Stunt Car from Movie’s Crash Scene, Barely Recognizable

“Rubbin’ is racin'” is without a doubt the most iconic quote from the beloved racing movie Days of Thunder. The car featured here wasn’t just simply bumped or grazed, it was catapulted into the air. In fact, it was intentionally flipped using a cannon for the filming of the major crash scene that left Tom Cruise’s character Cole Trickle and his rival Rowdy Burns (played by Michael Rooker) hospitalized. Miraculously, they both survived the crash and now, thanks to a dedicated fan of the film, the remnants of this car will also live on.

Back in January, we posted a video from the Coors Bandit YouTube channel featuring the rescue of two Days of Thunder cars that were left abandoned in the woods. Now, the same person is returning to retrieve the battered remains of the no. 46 Superflo Chevrolet that was found in a field at an undisclosed location. Judging by the absence of snow and the accents of the people in the video, it’s safe to assume that the location is in the southern region.

The origin of this ex-celebrity’s presence in a prickly field remains a mystery. Following a lead on the car, the new proprietor stumbled upon an unexpected find – a custom-made vehicle equipped with a powerful cannon. Despite its once-recognizable 46 and SuperFlo logos, the crimson hue has faded over time. Devoid of an engine, interior, front and rear clip, there is little chance that this flip car will ever race again on its own accord.

While undeniably a fascinating relic of the automotive industry, this particular vehicle also has ties to the entertainment world. After much laborious work, the vehicle is successfully removed from its thorny resting place and carefully placed onto a trailer for easier inspection. Although the equipment used to execute the iconic flip is no longer present, the undeniable destruction evident on the car suggests that it did not simply collide with a wall – rather, it was ruthlessly decimated.

We located, and salvaged the remains of one of the Superflo 46 Cole Trickle Days of Thunder Chevys

Regarding the fate of this particular car, the video’s end message assures that it will join the rescued Hardees and Mello Yello vehicles currently being exhibited. Moreover, the channel is actively seeking out additional Days of Thunder artifacts to further enrich their collection. If you happen to have any suggestions, we encourage you to reach out and share them with us.

Source: Coors Bandit / YouTube

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