Coffee and Pontiac Trans Am Donuts – Dennis’s Delight

Coffee Walk Host Drives Iconic ’77 Pontiac Bandit

Some pictures and definite vehicles are irrevocably tied together. A noteworthy combination is the Pontiac Trans Am and the 1977 movie, Smokey and the Bandit. It is also the cause why Dennis Collins makes a journey to Louisiana for another iconic car venture.

In this latest episode, he is introduced to the muscular Brendan Kelsey as the proud possessor of a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE, more frequently known as The “Bandit” Trans Am.

FOUND: A REAL Bandit Pontiac Firebird Burt Reynolds Trans Am + Burnout Test!!

Countless Pontiac-made Starlight Blacks have been constructed in the latter part of the 1970s; consequently, Collins has the desire to make certain he obtains an authentic Bandit. Y81 coding implies a Trans Am Special Edition model void of T-Top roof. Collins seeks out Y82 coding (with T-Tops) and discovers it at Kelsey’s Pontiac.

The other factor in ascertaining genuineness is what lies under the bonnet. Collins mentions that Pontiac utilized a diversity of four-barrel 400 cubic inch V8s in Trans Ams from that period. He confirms the desirable XA rendition is tucked away within the engine compartment, and a check beneath the car confirms it is parallel with the series numbers of the vehicle.

Collins is elated and finalizes the agreement for this Bandit Trans Am.

Unlike a multitude of Collins’ older-style automobile recuperations requiring dragging and shoving, this trek entails an automobile equipped to be on the streets. Taking full advantage of this condition, he tests the car out by taking it for a spin as well as trying out some donuts.

Verifying the attributes of this Pontiac Tran Am and Collins entertaining us with left-of-centre maneuvers, there is limited space to probe into this nostalgic treat. Potentially, we can anticipate further elaborations sometime down the line.

Due to its connection with the Burt Reynolds classic, the Bandit version of the Trans Am has become a coveted item among collectors, and this reflects in its retail value. For example, according to Hagerty, an authentic 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Y82 Special Edition in peak (concours) condition is worth $146,000.

Despite the fact that lower-grade types still possess importance, an instance in excellent condition will realize $95,900 for the same car. At the opposite end of the scope, a Y82 Trans Am being in great condition is valued at $63,300 while one that is just in fair condition would cost $35,300.

As evidenced by the video, it would seem that Collin’s recent purchase could be classified as being in high-quality or better than expected condition.

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