Alfa Romeo Giulia Gets Electrified With Charger EV Base: Unleashes Explosive Style

2026 release following new Stelvio debut.

If you’re craving for a fresh flavor in the Dodge Charger, you’ll have to be patient until 2026 when the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia makes its appearance. In a conversation with our counterparts at Motor1 Italy, Alfa Romeo’s CEO Jean Philippe Imparato revealed some initial specifications about the upcoming sports sedan. While it will still use the STLA Large platform like the 2024 Charger, the design will be drastically different.During an interview with our colleagues at Motor1 Italy, Alfa Romeo’s CEO Jean Philippe Imparato divulged details about the upcoming sports sedan, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, set to debut in 2026. This means that if you wish to own a new Dodge Charger with an Italian twist, you will have to wait five more years. The 2026 Giulia will ride on the same STLA Large platform as the 2024 Charger, but with a completely distinct design.

In an interview with Italian journalists during a gathering at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, the CEO of the company confirmed that the design of their new car has been finalized. After two years of dedicated effort, they are confident that the end result will be nothing less than extraordinary. As the CEO stated, “What we have created is a masterpiece. We could not have completed the styling of this car without falling completely in love with it. And now, we have!”

In the future, the Giulia will be produced alongside the Stelvio SUV at the Cassino factory. According to Alfa Romeo, the Stelvio is set to hit the market first in approximately 2025, followed by the sedan version about a year later. Inquiring about how Stellantis plans to differentiate the new Giulia from the Charger, we spoke to Imparato. The CEO of Alfa Romeo explained that the STLA Large platform allows for significant versatility in dimensions such as length, wheelbase, width, and height.

The upcoming Giulia’s design is still uncertain, as it is yet to be determined if it will adhere to the classic three-box sedan style or embrace a sleek fastback appearance as previously suggested by Alfa Romeo executives. In the case of the latter, the car’s shape may bear resemblance to other Stellantis models such as the Peugeot 4008 and Citroën C5 X.

Despite some rumors, it is not accurate to say that Giulia and Stelvio are both transitioning to electric-only models. The STLA Large platform has been specifically designed to support both traditional combustion engines and electric drivetrains, as evident in the recent release of the Dodge Charger. This means that both Alfa Romeo models will be available with internal combustion engines (ICE) and electric powertrains, offering a range of options including a hybrid configuration.

In seven years, Alfa Romeo plans to offer electric versions of all their car models. The first step will be taken on April 10 with the introduction of an electric version of the Milano small crossover. In the next few years, we can also expect the Giulia and Stelvio to be available with zero-emission setups. There is even talk of a larger SUV in the works for the second half of the decade.Moreover, there have been discussions about possibly creating a large aero-optimized sedan as well, although a final decision won’t be made until the end of this year. Regardless of which option is chosen, it is unlikely that the selected model will be available for purchase before 2028.

Alfa’s executives also discussed the possibility of bringing back the iconic Duetto name for a compact electric vehicle, which could potentially be offered as a coupe and/or a convertible. As stated by one of the top members of Alfa Romeo, “Our brand is unique in its ability to produce cars ranging from €30,000 to €2 million. The Duetto cannot simply be created out of thin air. However, if we were to develop a C-segment car, we could also offer a Coupe or Spyder variant, which would be a fantastic addition. The absence of engine noise would add to the appeal.”

After analyzing the sales data, it is clear that Alfa Romeo is making significant progress with a growth of 30 percent in shipments in 2023. Anticipation for the arrival of the entry-level Milano in dealerships later this year suggests that 2024 will continue to be a successful year. Furthermore, the upcoming launches of the Stelvio (2025) and Giulia (2026) indicate that Alfa Romeo may emerge as a strong contender against the established German trio in the latter half of the decade.

Following the merger of FCA and PSA, Stellantis made a commitment to maintain all 14 brands under its corporate wing and invest in them for a decade. One of these brands, Alfa Romeo, has already received a significant financial boost to refresh its lineup. Similarly, other struggling Italian brands like Maserati, Fiat, Lancia, and Abarth are also receiving a similar cash injection. DS Automobiles, the French luxury brand, will also remain part of the group for the foreseeable future.

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