American Buyers Can Now Receive Delivery of Lotus Emira Sports Cars!

Emira’s Road to Customers Cleared by California Air Resources Board

After a long anticipation, Lotus Emira buyers in the United States are now able to receive their British sports cars. The extended wait was due to a delayed emissions certificate from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). However, that is no longer an issue, as the Emira V6 has recently obtained its certification (the certificate can be viewed here).

Initially noticed by members of the LotusTalk online community, this development will enable the British car manufacturer to begin shipping its Emira model to all 50 states in the US. Despite the fact that only 14 states adhere to California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations, many were left wondering why Lotus did not distribute Emiras to the other 36 states. It was later revealed that the company’s main objective was to avoid customers selling their vehicles to individuals residing in states where the car did not meet emission standards.

CarBuzz has made attempts to contact Lotus in order to gather more details, however it seems that their stamp of approval was granted on February 29, 2024, as stated in the documentation.

Since a few patrons made their purchases in 2021, it has been a considerable wait for the Emira to reach their hands. However, the setback caused by the delay in emissions certification was not the only obstacle faced by this vehicle. The daunting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and troubles with the supply chain proved to be significant hindrances in its production. In addition, Brexit emerged as a new complication which further postponed the delivery of UK-specific models. Moreover, external factors like the ongoing Ukraine war and inflation further worsened the circumstances.

Originally planned to arrive between October and December 2023, the initial shipment of Emiras never materialized. In recent months, officials from the car company revealed that they were unable to distribute any cars until receiving certification in all 50 states. Despite the enthusiasm of customers to obtain their desired models, the lengthy bureaucratic procedures hindered the process.

According to a car salesperson, who asserted to have 100 Emiras in stock, several customers visited to inspect and test-sit the vehicles, only to leave without making a purchase.

Lotus recently faced the challenge of compensating dealerships for the added expenses of floorplan costs. According to Vanessa Meier, a spokesperson for the automaker, the company was actively seeking a resolution. “This is a topic that we are all actively discussing. In general, our dealers have been understanding. We are committed to addressing any concerns and providing thorough information to those who have questions.”

Potentially causing great harm to the brand, any additional delays would have been disastrous. It was possible that customers may have become weary of the prolonged wait and opted to buy a sports car from another company such as BMW, Porsche, or any of Lotus’ competitors.

The 3.5-liter V6 from Toyota propels the Emira, featuring a supercharger and tuning by Yamaha to produce a robust 400 horsepower. In the near future, it will be accompanied by an AMG 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 360 horsepower and equipped with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. This Emira model, being the final Lotus powered by an internal combustion engine, will hold a significant meaning for devoted Lotus fans. However, there are speculations that the Type 135, rumored to be a purely electric vehicle inspired by the Elise, will eventually take its place.

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