Analyst Slams Elon Musk After Tesla Q3 Call

Kevin Paffrath: Teslas’s CEO Showed No Leadership.
Elon Musk turned into 'a little baby' on Tesla call: Investor

Tesla’s third financial quarter conference was rather peculiar in comparison to earlier gatherings, inciting analysts’ uneasiness when it came to the operations of this electro-vehicle company located in Austin.

At the virtual meeting, CEO Elon Musk surprisingly affirmed he desired to bring down expectations for the launching of the upcoming Cybertruck manufacturing advancement. He paid tribute that it will be quite challenging to craft such a pickup due to the fact that it consists of a lot of novel technology. He afterward made a joke: “We have dug our own grave with this futuristic vehicle program.”

Hardly noticed was a remark concerning the development of so-called Full Self-Driving technology. “In the past, worrisomely optimistic remarks were made by me,” stated Musk in reference to the evolvement of Tesla’s FSD. This starkly contrasts other words that have come out of the CEO’s mouth regarding the AI-powered ADAS which he frequently has spoken of confidently depicting its potential to drive an electric vehicle independently at some future juncture.

Pondering it thoroughly, Kevin Paffrath, holder of the “Meet Kevin” YouTube channel and an investor in Tesla, talked with Yahoo! Finance on the Q3 earnings call, and expressed his judgment directly, calling it “awful”.

Paffrath was practically in tears while speaking of Tesla during his interview, conveying a feeling of no leadership. He insisted that it was an affront to all involved, more so than just the stakeholders. Furthermore, he expressed his contempt concerning their CEO who instead of creating plans and solutions, cried over the economic position of the company. All in all, Paffrath believes that Tesla is currently a rudderless organization and it’s quite terrible.

Hence, Tesla continues to enjoy market leading margins of in excess of 16 percent, which the analyst brings into consideration in his remarks. “For every $100 they exact, they obtain a beautiful gross profit of $16.30 exceeding all other American electric car makers as well as aged auto maker companies,” Paffrath stated further. “They have much in their favor, but they ought to lay out a precise formula.”

During the earnings call, Musk reported that there has been immense anticipation for his company’s forthcoming electric Cybertruck, with more than one million people making reservations. He then stated that achievement of a rate of 250,000 manufactured units annually is expected by 2025. However, shipments of the pickup truck will begin as early as November 30 this year.

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Source: Yahoo! Finance

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