Joe Rogan Arrow Challenges Tesla Cybertruck – A Scratch Hardly Left

Joe Rogan Loses Bet to Tesla CEO for Pickup Truck

Recently, a captivating discussion occurred on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (dispatched on YouTube by PowerfulJRE) between host Joe Rogan and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, debating on the tough skin of the anticipated Tesla Cybertruck. One of the primary topics discussed was if it’s possible for an arrow launched by a bow to pierce its exterior.

Joe Tries to Shoot an Arrow Into the CyberTruck

Elon Musk recently boasted that the Tesla Cybertruck is so tough that it can withstand bullets from a Tommy gun without any penetrations. “You could empty an entire magazine of a Tommy Gun at the car and there would be no penetrations,” Musk said. “Just going full Al Capone on the side of the car – shotgun, 9mm, .45 – and no penetrations.”

When discussing arrow penetration, Musk remarked that “crossbow bolts are very fast at 400-500 feet per second (fps), but generally they are much lighter, much smaller…and they have much less energy.” He highlighted the importance of “energy per unit area,” which gives a bullet more puncture power than an arrow.

Rogan is no stranger to a challenge, and he was determined to prove the strength of the Cybertruck. He grabbed his hunting gear and tried to puncture it with an 80 lb bow and arrow. The result? “It barely scratched it,” he said after inspecting the spot. “The arrow flattened and then blew apart.” While Rogan is a car enthusiast, his collection of restomods and other vehicles would not stand up to such a test. It was clear that Musk had won this round of the bet. However, Rogan was still amazed, saying that it was “very impressive” that the Cybertruck could take a direct hit from a hunting arrow at over 275 fps without being pierced.

The Cybertruck’s exterior utilizes exceptionally strong 30X cold-rolled stainless steel, visually linking it with the original DeLorean. Musk had displayed its durability previously, displaying a Tesla designer destroying door panels with a sledgehammer with hardly any indentation. While Rogan and Musk mainly concentrated on arrows and Cybertrucks during the talk, a closer listener can identify some remarkable insights regarding the forthcoming Cybertruck, which hasn’t reached customers yet. The full episode is currently out there on Spotify.

Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, The Powerful JRE. During his time on the show, musk shared many exciting insights about what’s going on in the world of Tesla and beyond. He spoke about a variety of subjects ranging from the current state of autonomous technology to SpaceX plans for Mars exploration. However, he also took the opportunity to describe some of the details surrounding new product launches coming soon from Tesla.Recently, Elon Musk featured on the well-known Joe Rogan podcast, The Powerful JRE. Throughout the episode, Musk illuminated various compelling aspects concerning Tesla and more. His conversation touched on everything from advancements in self-driving technology to SpaceX initiatives with regard to Mars trips. Additionally, he used the opportunity to shed light on certain specifics linked to future Tesla product presentations.

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