Aston Martin Valkyrie: Speed Lurks at Every Low Speed

Gorgeous DB5 and Ferrari SP3 Owner

It appears that one lucky driver has got the ultimate set of automobiles in their possession – owning an Aston Martin Valkyrie and its open-top version simply makes for a better experience. Video surveillance recently caught this eclectic mix of vehicles at a British dealership, with the extravagant duo being but two prime examples of what money can buy.

The breathtakingly stunning DB5 grand tourer – consisting of 887 coupes – attended the duo in Nottingham alongside a competiting Ferrari Daytona S3P, with only 599 units produced. Astonishingly, this Ferrari is held by the same proprietor. Likewise astonishing, however, is the rarity of Valkyries, with just 150 convertible and 85 spiders being constructed.

FIRST VALKYRIE SPIDER Collection with Owner's SP3 Daytona and Valkyrie Coupe!!

In an environment inundated by drabness and darkness, we are delighted to observe the both of these Valkyries sporting vivid shades. The coupe model’s hue is a brilliant Sunburst Yellow, whereas the spider is elegantly masked in British Racing Green. With a radical aero-dynamical element that shockingly conforms to street laws, both vehicles seem to move even when motionless.

The Valkyrie is one of the few modern vehicles with authentic Formula 1 genes. In addition, there is an extra form (unphotographed) meant only for racing. Manufacturing solely 40 models, the AMR Pro possesses the same Cosworth-crafted naturally aspirated V12 engine without the hybrid unit; still, it offers over a thousand hp even without the electric components.

Source: TFJJ / YouTube

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