Ferrari’s 2024 Lineup: 3 Exciting New Models Coming Soon

Uncovering the hidden counts that are yet to be revealed.

Ferrari was fashionably tardy in revealing its sales for 2023, but at its yearly investor conference at the end of last week, the company confirmed its plan to introduce three new models in 2024, two fewer than the previous year. However, it should be noted that only three of the new cars in 2023 will be available for public use – the Roma Spider, SF90 XX Stradale, and SF90 XX Spider. The remaining two are the 296 Challenge and the 499P Modificata, with the latter being a race car designed exclusively for the track, based on the Le Mans-winning 499P.

What cars is Ferrari planning to release this year? The renowned car manufacturer has announced that only three models will be unveiled, but there are numerous potential options that have been speculated.Firstly, the Italian company may be introducing a new version of their popular supercar, the 488 GTB. This model has received much praise since its debut in 2015 and it wouldn’t be surprising if Ferrari wants to build upon its success. Rumours suggest that the new version could have an upgraded engine and improved aerodynamics.Another possibility is the launch of a limited edition model. In the past, Ferrari has released high-end, exclusive versions of their existing cars, such as the F12tdf and the 458 Speciale. These limited edition models tend to have increased horsepower and unique design elements, making them highly desirable for collectors.Additionally, there are speculations that Ferrari might unveil a completely new model to add to their line-up. Reports suggest that this could potentially be a mid-engine hybrid supercar, combining both performance and sustainability, as seen in the LaFerrari.However, with all these potential options, Ferrari has yet to confirm anything officially. As they say, time will tell what surprises the Prancing Horse has in store for us this year.

Ferrari typically releases a new flagship model every decade. However, it has now been 11 years since the debut of the LaFerrari and the company is currently working on its successor. There is not much information available at this time, but there have been sightings of powertrain test mules being driven in Italy. The details of the powertrain are still unknown, but based on the various prototypes that have been heard, some sound like V6 engines while others sound like V12s. What is confirmed is that the new car will be referred to as the F250 within the company and it will incorporate hybrid technology to generate over 1,000 horsepower.

Potential names for this particular model include La Rossa, Drake, or F80, based on recent trademark applications.

Ferrari is gearing up to unveil a new model, codenamed F167, as a replacement for their current 812 series which is starting to show its age. However, there is still some uncertainty surrounding whether this new vehicle will be released solely as a coupe or if both a coupe and convertible version will be introduced simultaneously. It should be noted that Ferrari views each body style as distinct models, and it has been revealed that the company has plans for at least two other types of vehicles.

The name for the successor of this vehicle has not been determined yet (potential options are trademark filings for Milano and Montecarlo); however, it is confirmed to utilize the same front-engined modular architecture found in both the Roma and Purosangue models. For the past couple of years, prototypes have been seen on the streets with an elongated Roma body to fit a V12 engine, which is anticipated to maintain its natural aspiration or potentially incorporate mild hybrid technology. In more recent sightings, it has been observed wearing unique bodywork specific to this model, suggesting that its development is reaching its final stages.


During their presentation to investors, Ferrari announced that the F8 lineup would be discontinued in 2023. Its successor, the 296 GTB, will take its place, although both models will be available for purchase at the same time. However, new images taken by spy photographers show a fully camouflaged 296 GTB being driven around Maranello. This prototype features updated front and rear designs, dual exhausts, a more daring hood style, bold diffusers, and larger air intakes.

In the latter part of last year, CarBuzz came across multiple registered trademarks for the 296 range, such as 296 Speciale, 296 Mugello, and 296 Mugello Spider. The Pista model of the 488 was the high-performance variant, paying homage to the Pista Fiorano track. It is possible that another renowned circuit may inspire the name for an exceptional mid-engine Ferrari variation in the near future.

According to a trademark registration uncovered by CarBuzz, it appears that Ferrari will be introducing a unique model this year, named the PB24. The name itself suggests that an unveiling is highly likely to take place within this year. In the previous year, the automaker released the KC23, which was named after the owner’s initials and the current year, 23. As such, it can be assumed that the PB24 model will not leave much room for speculation.

However, aside from its name, we are unbeknownst to any further details. In the past, these unique designs crafted by Ferrari’s Special Projects team have typically been adapted from preexisting models. Nevertheless, not all of them are intended for everyday driving, as exemplified by the KC23 which took inspiration from the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 track car.

Ferrari has not included the KC23 in its roster of model releases for 2023. This suggests that the PB24 may be separate from the upcoming trio of new cars planned for 2024.

Although our focus is primarily on the latest releases, it is important to recognize the substantial progress made by Ferrari in the past year. In particular, the brand experienced impressive growth in the Americas, with a total of 3,811 vehicles sold – a significant increase of 364 cars compared to the previous year’s sales figures. These numbers contributed to Ferrari’s overall global delivery of 13,663 cars in the fiscal year of 2023, which represents a considerable rise of 442 cars from the previous period. Notably, 28% of these sales came from the American market. Furthermore, 44% of the cars sold were hybrid models, namely the 296 and SF90 families. Additionally, Special Series models such as the 812 Competizione accounted for 6% of Ferrari’s sales, while Icona models like the Daytona SP3 made up only 1%.

The F8 model was gradually discontinued, along with the Portofino M, which was replaced by the Roma Spider. Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Purosangue made its debut and sales were boosted, contributing to a triumphant year for Ferrari.


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