Audi: 20+ EVs in 2 Yrs.

EV Q4 E-Tron Now Has Entry-Level Option

At Audi’s recent media conference, CEO Markus Duesmann made it clear that the German brand is “on the verge of the biggest product initiative” in its long history. This comes as no surprise, as Audi has been taking major steps towards electrification. During the event, Duesmann and his team discussed a wealth of financial information about the company, providing insight into Audi’s future plans.

That’s a daring claim, but Duesmann backed it up by declaring Audi “will have launched around 20 new models” by 2025. A short look at our calendar reminds us that 2025 is only two years away, so that’s an incredibly fast rate. Moreover, Duesmann also mentioned that more than half of these would be electric vehicles.

It is undetermined whether or not the recent models incorporate mid-cycle refreshes, however this timeline has enabled the car manufacturer to guarantee that every one of its auto categories will have at least one electric vehicle by 2027. Eventually, Audi plans to be exclusively powered by electricity before the start of the new decade.

At the media gathering, Duesmann unveiled a plan that included the revelation of an upcoming zero-emissions option in the line-up. This fresh EV will be positioned below the recently launched Q4 E-Tron and is anticipated to be a puny A-class hatchback comparable to the current A3. Unfortunately, a rolling out date for this model isn’t available as yet; nevertheless, it’s expected to hit the market within the next 12-18 months as part of Audi’s plans to summon 20 additional models by then.

Audi was one of the earlier established auto makers to enter into the electric vehicle market with its E-Tron Sport Utility Vehicle in 2019. There has been a regular outpouring of hybrid and 100% battery powered cars since then, with their series of sphere concept models getting underway with their eye-catching Skysphere roadster in 2021. This was followed by the Grandsphere sedan concept a few months after that, and we now understand that the new A8 flagship will take inspiration from these designs.

The concluding two ball concepts – the Urbansphere and Activesphere – demonstrated more feasible EVs in the mold of a station wagon and coupe crossover. Even though none were sent out to be manufacture vehicles, Audi has asserted the sphere conceptions evidence the firm’s upcoming design vernacular.

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