Audi Q3 Reveals Stylish Design in Spyshots

Debut of Crossover: 2021

Audi is presently engaged in the progress of its following Q3. Its competitor, BMW X1, was amazingly sighted just recently showing its production body and headlights in spy pictures. There’s as yet a lengthy road until we lay our eyes upon the crossover in its definitive manufacturing shape, although we can already have an initial glimpse of what might it look like courtesy of new unofficial renditions by

The attached visuals in the showcase below are based on the original spy pics and illustrate a considerable transformation from its pre-existent form. The shape and proportion remain fairly constant, however, a total revamp of the front fascia manage to give it a contemporary and sophisticated appearance. If you notice the similarity in the styling, Audi appears to be adopting the same concept applied on the Q4 E-Tron for their upcoming Q3 model.

As seen back in September, the Q3 is predicted to feature a charging port located on the driver’s side just ahead of the front wheel fender. This auto won’t be all electric, but rather a plug-in hybrid that will offer drivers up to 62 miles of range with a single charge. Concealed beneath the exterior design, the 2025 model will probably incorporate the MQB Evo platform found in the Volkswagen Tiguan. Furthermore, it might be outfitted with compatible Euro 7 engines; this may well be the last rendition of the Q3 that has an internal combustion engine.

In Europe, practically 100,000 units of the Q3 were sold last year and roughly 23,000 were distributed across America. This makes it one of the most significant vehicles in Audi when volumes of sales are considered. Consequently, the German automaker is growing their focus on bigger and more profitable cars; confirming that both the A1 and the Q2 will be withdrawn once their current generations age. In the end, this implies that the A3 and upcoming Q3 will be the littlest and most affordable brand new Audis purchasable.

We anticipate the complete and legitimate launch of the following iteration Q3 eventually in 2021. Assembly of this model will be carried out at the Volkswagen Group’s Györ establishment in Hungary, together with the forthcoming Cupra Terramar.


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