Audi RS6 Avant: Most Powerful Wagon Yet?

Audi RS6 GT: Aggressive Styling and Performance Innovation

Audi maintains that the SUV-crazed world still has room for high-performance station wagons. Depending on your geographic location, the Four Rings will cheerfully provide you with an RS4 or RS6. type Or, if you so prefer, you can wait until the rapid estate cars get an update. The preceding RS4 will be updated to its subsequent version, and the RS6 is due for a mid-cycle refresh.

Nevertheless, this RS6 pictured here is above and beyond a mere facelift. Easily noticeable are the vertical air intakes on the front fenders that aren’t found on the standard RS6 Avant. Additionally, Audi appears to have modified the front air intake formation and the spoiler lip has a changed shape. Moreover, at the rear, three upright fins alongside the twin round exhaust pipes indicate a distinct modification to the diffuser.

One can spot what appears to be an Audi Sport emblem on the rear doors. Presumably, this sticker reaches over to the fenders, ornamented with a red illustration that strongly resembles the RS6 GTO concept released toward the end of last year. The prototype’s hefty roof spoiler also corresponds to the one from the RS6 GTO. Moreover, the front of the car may feature a reversed version of Audi Sport’s three-colored theme, given the clear black section visible on the doors. In comparison, its previous version had the same layout, but slightly different graphics.

Tentatively dubbed the RS6 GT, this sporty station wagon appears to come with horizontal red reflectors above the exhaust tips instead of the standard vertical ones located on the edges of the bumper. The rims are absolutely gargantuan for a prototype equipped with winter tires, and have us feeling that it is slightly nearer to the ground than the RS 6 Performance; though this might simply be an optical illusion, so please don’t quote us on it.

Perhaps Audi Sport will work their magic on the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine to unlock more than the 621 horsepower and 625 pound-feet of torque currently available in the RS6 Performance. Sebastian Grams, head of Audi Sport, has hinted that a “more extreme” and “even stronger” version of the RS6 could be on the horizon, one that would be “even sharper”.

It is anticipated that the robust vehicle will make its debut some time during 2024.

Source: SH Proshots

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