Audi RS6 Hench and Ready to Roar

Audi Vies for Nurburgring Record with Wagon

Spy photographers from CarBuzz have snapped new photos of the powerful and intense Audi RS6 Avant, an embodiment of the promises made by Ingolstadt. These images demonstrate the wagon’s formidable design, with more aggressive styling that makes its muscles pop.

At the start of this year, insiders divulged to CarBuzz that the following RS6 would be nothing less than extraordinary, vowing that Ingolstadt’s greatest gasoline vehicles are yet to come. We believe this more insane RS6 will be a farewell model, however, as a fresh electronic version is being made for the prospective C9 series.

We have already witnessed and listened to this intense C8 variant being tested, and we observed a roll bar, which can only infer one guaranteed outcome.

It is highly improbable that Audi will make a modified variation of the RS6 which is such an extreme hardcore model that the rear chairs and entryways are rendered unusable. This implies that the RS6 Avant will be aimed at achieving a speed record on the Nurburgring. Last year, the BMW M3 Touring took the title of becoming the most rapid station wagon to circulate the challenging Nordschleife; leaving the RS4 Avant behind in its dust. Soon after that, it even improved on its own record only a couple of months back.

Rumors have swirled that BMW plans to advance the game with a CS adaptation of the extended M3 come 2025. Responding to this, Audi has seemingly presented their answer in the form of a new RS6.

The example we sighted here looks to have Audi Sport logos hidden underneath its covering, and we can also catch a glimpse of a fresh bumper with a lower lip, RS3 e-tron-style air vents on the sides, and a vast rear wing that appears to be based on the RS6 GTO Concept of 2020. In fact, apart from the side-exit exhausts, the majority of the style changes for this model appear to be taken from the GTO Concept.

As regards to output, the existing RS6 Performance peaks at 621 horsepower, and so we expect about 650 for the exclusive edition. Improved brakes and suspension will join with lightweight materials, and the cost will be extreme.

An announcement is predicted for some point in the coming year.

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