Audi RS6: Worth Fighting For?

Preserving the Sports Wagon: Why Audi’s New Performance Model Matters

Here in the US, pickups, SUVs, and crossovers outnumber wagons relatively equally; regardless, the low, stretched-out, voluminous trunk configuration refuses to fade away. Not for the present, anyway. In North America, wagons are looked at more like a specialty item with performance wagons being the most unmistakable type of niche segment.

Audi has renewed their muscular station wagon – the RS6 Performance – to generate more energy than before in a silhouette that elicits entirely different responses from folks; ranging from ardency to animosity, and everything in between.

Top Gear dispatched Deputy Editor Ollie Kew to San Francisco to evaluate the RS6 Performance’s performance and confer with members of the populace who have a fervent appreciation for estate cars.

The aim is straightforward: to uncover what makes performance cars with spacious trunks so special.

NEW 630bhp Audi RS6 Performance Meets America’s ULTIMATE Wagons! | Top Gear

Hailing from the renowned line of accelerative wagons such as the impressive Audi RS2, the advanced Audi RS6 Avant Performance is masterfully equipped with a hefty charge – beginning at an MSRP of more than $125,000. Adding to its splendor is a twin-turbo V8 engine producing a maximum output of 621 hp and 627 lb-ft torque.

It performs as rapidly as a functional performance car is able to manage, some supercars might be quicker in a direct line, but it is far more useful.

The Top Gear squad carefully perused the alterations that have been made to the brand-new RS6; these consist of a decrease in mass, more intense turbos providing improved torque, and revolutionary 22” wheels which reduce 11 lbs on each corner.

That equals the mass of a Border Collie spared just from the rims.

Reminiscing of Top Gear, the forthcoming RS6 – like so many others – is set to be electrified. Doubtless this is the very last instance of a 600-horsepower gas-powered estate being manufactured by Audi. Its singularity should not go unnoticed since its practicable combination of performance features with multiple seating and copious storage area is certainly what devoted motor enthusiasts are admiring.

As collected mechanics gathered in San Francisco, Top Gear addressed them in the video.

They cite the combination of potency, coziness and usefulness. Watch the video to discover an assortment of wagons that are accessible to everyone – not all can be regarded as performance cars, but it definitely displays a total admiration for the classic long-roof format. The Mercedes-Benz AMG E 63 S wagon presents 603 hp alongside 627 pound-feet of torque, providing equivalent 0-60 mph acceleration times to the 3.4 seconds featured on the RS6 Audi, down to 3.3 seconds.

It boasts an MSRP of roughly $122,000 and makes a wonderful representation of a wagon with supercar strength. It’s the ideal topping to a sports sedan that some fanatics are certain to never become jaded of, much like the Audi.

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