Audi S3 & RS3: Fresh Lights & Bumpers

The Duo: Thin Camo, Little Concealment

Audi has its heart set on rolling out all electric vehicles by 2026, giving them just enough time for one last refresh of their compact performance cars. Our spies have been near the updates being made to the S3 and the RS3, which have been tested as sedans. However, before this, hatchback models had given away that the sportier five-door Sportback is also receiving clear updates. Going with the trend of Ingolstadt, the alterations made are minimal.

Starting out front, the headlights peeking through the camouflage have a fresh LED signature featuring a variety of distinct-sized upper parallelograms. This new facade is framed by a revised grille showing distinctive designs depending on the model. We see the S3’s grille and it appears to be akin to the Hyundai Elantra N. Additionally, gone are the angled vertical bars between the lower air intake and side ducts on the RS3, delivering a cleaner symmetric look to the bumper.

Given this mid-scale refurbishment, the exterior profile of the S3 and RS3 will remain fairly unchanged. Despite this, Audi appears set to add fresh wheel designs and new colour choice options to the aesthetic range. Furthermore, at the rear of these two cars, the S3 still sports quad exhausts with the RS3 upholding its one of a kind pair of oval designs. Additionally, both the S3 and RS3 seem to feature new tail light graphics as well as horizontally rotated red reflectors instead of the current vertical format.

The ultimate question still stands: What will the powertrain look like once modifications are made? We can be certain that the Audi S3 is due for a substantially higher engine output, particularly as it currently only offers 306hp in comparison to the Volkswagen Golf R’s 329hp European version. It doesn’t feel equitable that VW should have the upper hand on its more illustrious brand companion.

In regards to the RS3, Audi has suggested that it could receive a more powerful five-cylinder engine. During an interview this year, Audi Sport’s Sebastian Grams stated: “We will increase the five-cylinder for the next step. We will improve that.” As of now, the RS3 produces 401 hp, so it is likely that the final upgrade before the five-cylinder is replaced will exceed AMG’s impressive 416-hp engine.

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