Best View Inside Cybertruck Yet Revealed.

Tesla Shareholder Event Photos Shared on Cybertruck Owners Club

Tesla’s Annual Shareholder Assembly held recently at Gigafactory Texas presented an ideal opportunity for visitors to personally view the most recent model of the Cybertruck.

Videos and imagery from Tesla’s recent gathering have given a comprehensive perspective of the exterior of the electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck. However, what can we learn about its interior?

We could not fathom that visitors were granted permission to observe inside the Cybertruck during the occasion, though fate was on our side and someone had the brilliant thought to not just enter the interior but also document a unique angle.

Posted by a user at Cybertruck Owners Club discussion board, Yomama69, the photographs supply the finest perspective yet of the inner workings of the electric pickup.

An image provides an outlook from the driver’s position, displaying the greatest view yet of what seems to be a blend of the yoke-styled helm and the contemporary, circular steering wheels on both the Model S and Model X.

Just as in other cars, the Cybertruck has a steering wheel that incorporates pressure-sensitive buttons rather than traditional stalks.

The photograph illuminates the vastness of the dashboard, with one user on the forum noting that A-pillar coverage may be a concern to some. The center console also looks substantial in this particular shot; however, there is no indication of the original Cybertruck’s middle seat – at least not yet, unless Tesla intend to make it an optional feature.

It is evident that there is a sizeable area between the apex of the centre console and the dashboard. The central monitor is also rather large and there isn’t any hint of an instrument panel, but to be precise, the original Cybertruck was also without one.

An additional image acquired from the car’s exterior showcases some further characteristics, like the mechancial adjustments on the driver seat, a faux-leather finish on the upholstery, an expansive foot rest situated on the left, the head of the center console, the dash located to the right and broad A-pillars. Grammatical errors fixed yet?

That’s about everything we noticed, however, don’t hesitate to share with us in the remarks any new interesting observations you might have made.

CEO Elon Musk stated on the Q1 2023 earnings call that the Tesla Cybertruck is still on course to enter production this summer. Furthermore, deliveries of the electric pickup truck will be made during a dedicated handover event near the end of the third quarter, which would likely be around September 2023.

Source: Cybertruck Owners Club

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