BFGoodrich Introduces New Off-Road Tire to Replace Iconic Model

Improved performance and durability: The latest iteration of KO2 features enhanced tread design for superior wear and snow grip.

The KO3 is the highly anticipated successor to the well-respected BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2. Building on over a decade of feedback and knowledge from the previous model, BFGoodrich is committed to delivering enhancements in every aspect with their new all-terrain tire. By the beginning of 2026, the KO3 will be available in more than 100 different sizes to cater to the needs of various vehicles within the off-road community.

What sets the KO3 apart? The KO3 showcases a fresh tread design crafted to enhance durability, especially on gravel terrains. BFGoodrich claims that the tire’s full-depth 3D locking sipes footprint aids in promoting uniform wear as time goes by. Additionally, compared to the KO2, the KO3 offers better traction in mud and snow; it even achieves a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating for severe snow conditions. The tire’s serrated shoulders and Mud-Phobic Bars are highlighted for their role in boosting traction.

Improved durability is a key feature of the new tire, which benefits from a specialized compound perfect for all-terrain driving. BFGoodrich claims that the tire’s exceptional sidewall strength is what earned it the prestigious title of Baja Champion. To top it off, the tire comes with a 50,000-mile warranty to provide customers with added peace of mind.

The latest tire will be released in May and will come in 13 different sizes, ranging from 305/70R16 to 295/60R20. An additional 17 sizes will be introduced in August, followed by the availability of KO3 for 22-inch wheels in October. By 2026, there will be over 100 sizes to choose from, suitable for various vehicles including pickup trucks, SUVs, and custom racing vehicles.

Harold Phillips, the global general manager for BFGoodrich, proudly announced, “BFGoodrich Tires’ legendary toughness has been made tougher with the creation of the All-Terrain KO3 tire. We’ve done a lot of racing and research in the 10 years since we launched the KO2 tire, so a decade of data, feedback, technology, and experience went into the development of the KO3 tire. We are our own competition, and we knew it was time to take the all-terrain tire to another level. It will be exciting to see what consumers will do—at work and at play—with the KO3 tire.”

Source: BFGoodrich

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