BMW Button Self-Fries, Pink Smoke Revealed in Real Time

The Strangest Electrical Failure on Record

German automobiles have earned a reputation for being unreliable as they age, but nothing like this case here has ever been witnessed.

Back in November, the Speed Academy YouTube channel shared an unusual video on Instagram of one of their hosts, Peter Tarach, working to figure out an electrical issue with his BMW M3. The problem was related to the EDC (electronic damper control) button which can change the stiffness of the shocks, however, right as he went to look at it, a remarkable pink smoke started emanating from beneath it. Perhaps this is the most bizarre electrical fault we’ve ever seen!

“Well that’s a new one,” Tarach remarks. “Never witnessed this before.” He continues, “It’s definitely something I haven’t seen before.”

Tarach quickly shuts off the car, but not before we see more smoke fill the cabin. The video’s comment section is unsurprisingly full of gold. “Typical BMW gender reveal,” one reads. “That’s the BMW strawberry diffuser scent test trial. $50 monthly sub if you want that all the time,” says another.

It’s unknown precisely what caused this electrical issue or how it was remedied, since the most recent video update by Speed Academy is silent on the peculiar predicament. People commenting assume it may have been due to a faulty line or perhaps some fluid inadvertently entering the middle compartment. At any rate, we wish Tarach managed to breathe clear air.

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