BMW Group Showcases Special i7 M70 at Villa d’Este

Motoring Homage Debuts at Prestigious Show

For a number of years now, BMW have maintained an important sponsorship in the annual Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este event in Italy and this will continue into 2023. In their most recent announcement the car-maker laid out all the details, such as dates, categories and all other relevant particulars, that one would usually associate with any such event. But tucked away among the conventional information were two small hints as to potential new models.

Mentioned in passing during the Villa d’Este event, BMW has three new Bimmers on the way. One of them is particularly interesting – a new all-electric M Performance model of the BMW 7 Series which features a two-tone finish. This almost certainly refers to the i7 M70, which was first announced during the debut of the 7 Series/i7 in April 2022. Dubbed the future flagship model for the series, BMW promised it would offer more than 600 horsepower, making it their most powerful production model yet. Originally slated to arrive in 2023, the i7 M70’s debut appears to be right on schedule for the mid-May Villa d’Este event.

Undoubtedly, the news emanated prior to the introduction of BMW’s current driving standard the XM with its 644bhp. The XM Label Crimson quite clearly with its 738bhp has yet to be flogged in the bazaars and has only been spotted in early glimpses. Equivalent, it seems the i7 M70 looks to be a magnificent sports car, provided that is what this unique electric 7 Series by BMW is purported to be.

Actually, Villa d’Este might be the backdrop for the amped-up i7 and XM Label Red to get acquainted. The other new BMW mentioned for the show is “a very special BMW M car” with no other context given. We’ve been trying to figure out what this car could be, looking back at old spy photos for clues. We’ve come up with some ideas, such as an enhanced Z4 or something entirely new. All of these are potential possibilities, but the middle of May may also be the perfect time for the full reveal or launch of the XM Label Red. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it could be possible that this special M car is the XM Label Red.

The third teaser for this year’s Villa d’Este event is described by BMW as “an elegantly sporty, one-off homage to motoring for two.” Upon closer inspection, however, it may not even be a BMW. This is because the announcement for the event came from BMW Group, which includes other brands such as Mini and Rolls-Royce. The latter is known for its penchant for creating unique one-off vehicles, so it is entirely possible that the teaser could be a Rolls-Royce concept. Ultimately, only time will tell what this mysterious teaser turns out to be.

Anticipate further teasers as we come closer to the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in 2023. This celebration transpires along the western littoral of Lake Como, in the northern reaches of Italy. It is slated to occur between the nineteenth and twenty-third days of May this year.

Source: BMW

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