BMW XM Red Boasts Record 738 HP

Ripping 175 mph with 738 lb-ft of Torque.

In an idealized world, one could envision that Bavaria’s mightiest production BMW would be a mid-engined supercar that returns the celebrated M1. Yet, crossovers and SUVs keep bringing in huge profits for automakers, so what is represented as their most robust model actually turns out to be an imposing sports utility vehicle: meet the new XM Label Red boasting stately 23-inch wheels and 201.2-inch length. It is about to have its introduction at the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2023!

The regular XM may have “only” 644 horsepower and 590 pound-feet (800 Newton-meters) of torque, but the Label Red takes performance to the next level with 738 hp and 738 lb-ft (1,000 Nm). This is thanks to an uprated version of the “S68” engine, a newly developed twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that works in tandem with an electric motor integrated into the eight-speed automatic transmission. All of this power is sent to the xDrive system, which includes a Sand mode for navigating dunes.

By itself, the powerful combustion engine now amounts to 577 hp and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm), showing a rise of 94 hp and 74 lb-ft (100 Nm) when compared to the regular option. The electric motor offers 194 hp and 207 lb-ft (279 Nm) – this mimics the default XM. In similarity to the base option, there is also a pre-gearing phase that maximizes torque to 332 lb-ft (452 Nm) at the transmission’s input for the motor.

Thanks to the additional strength, BMW declares that the XM stamp Red edition is able to attain 60 miles per hour in a breezy 3.7 seconds, which is a fourth of a second speedier than the original variety. At full tilt, it can attain a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h) or 175 mph (282 km/h) with the M Driver’s Bundle. This special version is 7 mph (11 km/h) swifter than the ordinary XM, even with the same extractible kit.

To set it apart from the normal XM, BMW applies Toronto Red accents on the side of the sporty luxobarge as well as around the mighty kidney grille. You’ll also spot the red inserts on the wheels and for the diffuser’s contour. The XM badges are also red, and so are the brake calipers. To ensure you stand out from the crowd, the Label Red will be offered with more than 50 Individual paints at no extra cost as an option to the regular Brooklyn Grey metallic. On top of that, the Munich-based marque states only a “small number” of vehicles will be sold with this Frozen Carbon Black matte exterior paint.

“The XM Label Red edition of this model is truly something special; its two-tone leather upholstery and carbon fiber trim strip with a satin effect are exclusive to this edition. Not to mention the ‘1/500’ inscription denoting its limited availability and the Boost Mode symbol on the left-hand shift paddle. These red accents certainly make this vehicle stand out from the crowd.”

Next week, the XM Label Red will have its introduction at Auto Shanghai 2023 and roll off manufacturing lines at Spartanburg’s facility in South Carolina starting this August. The retail cost of this vehicle will be revealed nearer to its launch, but expect it to cost significantly more than the $159,000 for which BMW is offering the basic XM.

Source: BMW

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