BMW X3 w/ M3 Engine & 6-Speed Manual – $20K Steal

Trade-In Your Manual Jeep for Something Special

Are you looking for a sporty SUV with ample space for the whole family? Think about this 2005 BMW X3 fitted out with BMW’s incredible S54 engine! Check out M3List to find this great deal right away.

The potent 3.2-liter S54 six-cylinder engine yields approximately 338 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque out of the factory. Regarded as one of the finest motors ever constructed, this powerplant has been present in early 2000s BMW models such as the E46 M3 and Wiesmann MF 3 Roadster.

“The weight is said to be a ‘passenger heavier than the E46 M3 cabriolet (convertible),’ so the prospective owner is looking at a performance-ready vehicle that still offers the practicality of an SUV,” says the report. In other words, the vehicle has the power and agility of a sports car but with the size and cargo capacity of an SUV.

The motor – joined with M3 supplementary headers and modified oil pump/basin – is complemented by a six-gear manual gear box, which transmits power solely to the rear wheels (converted). Although this arrangement could be reverted to all-wheel drive superior for certain road situations where wet conditions prevail.

The current possessor claims that the S54 engine has been substituted 15,000 miles back and that its odometer readings already reached 140,000 miles. Moreover, they reported that the rod bearings and VANOS variable valve timing apparatus were serviced when the swap happened.

Outside of the engine bay, this SUV for sale involves a modified M Sport body set up, new BC coilover suspension adaptation that was changed around two thousand miles ago, and an accepted by Atlanta legislation catless exhaust system. The interior is modified to have a dark-hued theme with an M3 helm and Apple CarPlay availability.

This BMW X3 may have seen better days, with an odometer reading of 213,000 miles, but it could still be a great choice for the family man with a gearhead heart. At just $19,840, this high-mileage SUV could be just the ticket. The seller is also willing to entertain something “interesting or the right manual Jeep” in trade.

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