Boost Your Racing Skill with Lamborghini’s Biometric Digital Driver Trainer

Live Coaching: Global Drive Session Recording and Telemetry Displayed in Real-Time

In the year 2020, the highly-anticipated debut of the Lamborghini Huracan STO, inspired by motorsport, also introduced a telemetry system operated through the Unica app. Fast forward to present day and this same system has undergone significant developments with the creation of Telemetry X, a prototype that promises to revolutionize driving. Recently unveiled at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show alongside the Lamborghini Revuelto, this new technology appears to be a revolutionary tool for perfecting driving abilities without the need for a coach’s physical guidance.

Fellow compatriot Ferrari is continuously searching for ways to enhance driver aptitude through innovative technology. In fact, they have secured a patent based on the concept of popular racing games, where the ideal driving path is displayed on the windshield. However, these newer patents from Ferrari aimed at increasing speed for beginner drivers are not yet straightforward technologies.

Lamborghini’s latest telemetry system, the Telemetry X, offers a more user-friendly experience and is composed of three essential components.The advanced Telemetry X from Lamborghini boasts an intuitive interface and features three primary mechanisms for operation.

IT consulting company Accenture played a crucial role in the creation of the three innovative systems for race car drivers: the Real Time Remote Garage, Biometric Data System, and Digital Co-Pilot. These systems aim to enhance performance on the track through technology. The first one is a web application that utilizes 5G connectivity, granting drivers access to their on-track recordings and telemetry at any given time and location. However, its greatest feature is the ability to transmit images and data to a coach, who can provide real-time feedback as the driver navigates the circuit. This allows the driver to spend more time improving their speed without having to make frequent trips to the pits for discussions.

On the flip side, certain drivers may desire to revisit their recordings numerous times following a session’s conclusion. This is entirely feasible, offering additional advantages. In instances where the driver is unable to fully focus during live coaching or experiences disruptions in communication due to a weak internet connection, they can still receive thorough coaching without solely relying on their memory.

The Biometric Data System is the secondary system utilized, which records information such as heart rate and stress levels. This system provides a thorough assessment of performance and offers guidance for drivers to enhance their training techniques.

For instance, in the scenario where a driver’s performance declines after completing three fast laps around a track, the vehicle may be equipped to recognize that the driver lacks sufficient physical endurance to withstand continuous G-forces. Alternatively, if the driver’s heart rate abruptly increases while navigating a particular turn or accelerating beyond a specific threshold, it may suggest their lack of total determination and confidence in handling the car at that section of the circuit. In some cases, this advanced technology could potentially identify any possible on-track health issues before they become critical.

One of the most significant advantages of these systems is their integration with the Digital Co-Pilot, which is described as a “proactive voice assistant.” This innovative technology utilizes both biometric and vehicle data to offer valuable insights, including suggestions for better racing lines and braking points. The system closely monitors various vehicle data, such as fluid and brake temperature, remaining fuel, and tire condition, to name a few. A video featured at the beginning of this article highlights the impressive capabilities of this feature in helping drivers achieve faster lap times.

It is important to be aware that even the most skilled Formula 1 drivers may require guidance on where they are losing time in certain corners and the reasons behind it. As a result, the efforts made by Lamborghini in this area are truly remarkable. Along with Sant’Agata’s currently developing active toe and camber system, both Lamborghini supercars and their drivers are showing significant improvements in speed.

We are eagerly anticipating the developments of Telemetry X and eagerly await its integration into a Revuelto production model, possibly through an over-the-air update. We are excited to witness its evolution and progress in the near future.

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