Lamborghini Reveals 1,001HP Revuelto for 2024

Lambo’s V12 Halo: 6.5-Liter & 3 Motors

A new raging bull has made its presence in town – it’s called Revuelto. Lamborghini, unlike Ferrari and McLaren, usually take ten years or longer to introduce their leading models into the market. Their 60-year old journey has only been enriched by five V12 flagships: Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murcielago, and Aventador. At present, the Revuelto marks the sixth in the series; virtually, with such origins, the upcomer is resting much expectancy on its shoulders.

Although it may appear to be a Lamborghini, the Revuelto is a huge departure for the brand, whilst still adhering to some of its practices. Much like its iconic predecessors, this vehicle was named after a Spanish bull that fought a legendary battle in Barcelona during August of 1880. This bull was known for its “rebellious and indomitable heart”, hence why it was given the name Revuelto, which translates to “unruly”.

We say “can” because it has many meanings depending on the context. Directly translated to Spanish, it is known as ‘Revuelto’. Thankfully, some of our Spanish readers have enlightened us to the fact that Revuelto has multiple interpretations in different contexts, such as scrambled, disorder, change and so on. All of these words are applicable in this case.

CarBuzz initially uncovered the moniker one year ago and endeavoured to uncover the bull-associated explanation behind it, but came up empty. Frustratingly, Spanish aficionados of bullfighting appear to have not had access to Wikipedia in 1880.

Famed Jeremy Clarkson illustrated the contrast between Ferrari and Lamborghini splendidly. If you’re driving a Ferrari, people will query about its acceleration figures and track performance. But if you rock up in a flashy green Lambo, most people would rather know whether or not you have had relations in it.

Now, you can inform them much more due to the Revuelto – the globe’s initial V12 plugin hybrid. In the heart of the powerplant is a 6.5-liter aspirated V12 that is the lightest and most powerful of its kind which Lamborghini has ever developed. It comes with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission connected at the back in a lateral layout along with three electric motors to enhance its performance potential.

The outcome is an immense 1001 horsepower and a tremendously loud V12 that can be driven up to 9,500 revs without hesitation. Solo, the V12 generates an impressive 535 lb-ft of torque, which is complemented further with 332lb-ft from the electric motors. This is how electrification should be done.

Previously known figures have today been disclosed regarding the suggested prowess presented by Lamborghini. According to this report, accelerating from 0-60 mph will take an estimated 2.5 seconds, getting up to 124 mph in less than seven seconds – not to mention a velocity surpassing 219 mph. There is no specified maximum speed.

The Revuelto harnesses a novel, aviation-inspired framework which is 10% less in weight than the prior Aventador’s foundations. It is impressively firm, consisting of an entire front end façade formed with carbon fiber. The essential goal was to collaborate all the significant constituents required to manufacture the upcoming raging bull.

Placed naturally in the middle, the V12 is flanked by the gearbox and one electric motor. An additional two motors are strategically situated at the front axle, with each conditioning an individual wheel and enabling dynamic torque vectoring. In place of where the transmission tunnel used to be resides the battery pack which forms part of the hybrid system.

Oh and yes, the Revuelto has a highly advanced driving mode relying on all three of its electric motors when needed. It features 13 dissimilar modes of operation that could give it an almost split personality disorder. It can switch seamlessly from a serene downtown commuter to a hellacious V12 that will have your lugs drumming.

The Revuelto possesses a remarkable distinction from its predecessor, the Aventador Ultimae. It represents a major step forward.

The combination of modern and classic is not only visible in the powertrain but in the exterior design as well. It’s undeniable that this feature could irritate some people, but it also renders it unmistakably a Lamborghini.

Lambo’s creators drew inspiration from their earlier models when crafting the Revuelto. The vertical scissor doors, which have been etched in the legacy of the Countach, are still intact. An additional criterion that every Lamborghini architect has to take into consideration is the supercar proportions, which epitomized the Countach. Reflections of the Diablo could be discerned in the dimensions of the Revuelto too. Although the Murcielago’s nose and its mighty backside aren’t emulated in the new car, they did prove to be beneficial in inspiring the impressive stance of the Revuelto.

“The Revuelto is ‘adrenaline made visible,’ according to Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s head of design. He went on to say that the design of the new Lamborghini Revuelto ‘opens a fascinating door towards the future of our unique design language.'”

Borkert predicts that a similar level of performance is likely from the next model of the Huracan, due to arrive in 2021.

The recently released Y-shaped daytime running lights are in it to remain. Being a hallmark of Lamborghini’s design criteria, these will be seen on both the Huracan and the upcoming electric-powered Urus. Apart from simply adding that wow factor, all those fins, side air intakes and splitters are put to purposeful use, as opposed to the late Countach which had its wing playing second fiddle to showiness.

The backend pays tribute to the V12 setup. It showcases the longitudinal-mounted engine, reminiscent of Bugatti’s designs. The double hexagonal exhaust system, flanked on either side by Y-shaped tail light clusters further exemplifies this handsome engineering feature.

As can be anticipated, there will be a plethora of customization options available for the Revuelto. To begin with, Lamborghini has reported offering 400 exterior paint shades. The comprehensive scope of personalization choices is as yet undetermined; however, taking into consideration Lamborghini’s usual go-for-broke attitude when constructing vehicles, it is unlikely two indistinguishable Revueltos will ever be commissioned.

Ultimately, we are conversing about a vehicle manufacturer that is pleased to provide you with a violet automobile complete with yellow accents on the outside and golden rims.

The Y-shape theme continues inside, where Lamborghini has once again gone for the fighter pilot feel. Except, this time, Lamborghini is taking a more eco-friendly approach with the leather-clad interior. Instead of killing cows for their hide and hand-cutting it, Lamborghini has embraced sustainability. While it is still using leather, it now uses cutting-edge machines to minimize waste. The stitching and embroidery are still done by hand, but fewer cows need to be sacrificed to upholster a Revuelto.

Lamborghini has implemented the use of Corsa-Tex, a material consisting of microfiber Dinamica derived from recycled polyester. There are seventy hue choices to pick and mix, allowing people to attain their desired combination between leather and Corsa-Tex.

As anticipated, the dominant inside trim is exposed carbon fiber, employed on the dashboard frame and air vents.

Lamborghini sought to strike the perfect balance between virtual and true. Installed at the core of the exclusive leather-and-carbon-fiber clad interior resides a totally new 8.4-inch verticle touchscreen. An entirely fresh operating software is one with which we devoted a separate article to its unveiling.

The primary display falls into the trio of monitors. The motorist and voyager both hold their own screens. The operator obtains a 12.3-inch digital gauge, with another 9.1-inch monitor situated on the passenger-side dashboard. Creatively, the vehicle’s driver and passenger can transfer images from the principal display to their respective touchscreens.

We’re all for the driver’s gauge, which provides all the requisite data essential for fervent driving. The passenger’s display is rather concerning. In preceding Lamborghinis, you could always enhance the speed you were heading for, but now the evidence is staring right at a potential bystander. (Do they still qualify as a backseat driver if they’re seated beside you?)

A marvel of technology, the gorgeously crafted steering wheel can be likened to a work of art. Infused with inspiration from Lamborghini’s Essenza SCV12 race vehicle, its four rotors that adorn the spokes serve to provide an easy means of switching between driving modes. It also lends a helping hand in controlling nose lift, rear wing tilt and launch control.

Rejecting the ubiquitous indicator stalk, Lamborghini has shifted these daily operations to the steering wheel. The Italian motorvehicle maker argues that motorists can now hold the wheel firmly while pushing their cars to the limit. Yet, why would any driver require a blinker when in a race circuit, since the course only points forwards? After all, if you are all about hustling around, notifications about turning should not be your biggest worry!

It is clear that Lamborghini have dedicated a lot of effort to enhance the practicality of the Revuelto. The cabin was made with an expanded interior, granting an increase of one inch in headroom over the Ultimae Aventador and 3.3 inches more for legroom. Moreover, there is also enough space behind the seats for storing a golf bag. Furthermore, there is a storage space located beneath the center dashboard and between the seats, along with a cupholder placed at the disposal of the passenger – an incredibly remarkable development since Lamborghini evidently understand the need of staying hydrated.

For the first time ever, Lamborghini has fitted an Advanced Driver Assistance System, consisting of active lane departurewarning, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and rear cross-traffic alert. With help of a 360-degree camera, drivers have the advantage of viewing the car from above to assist with parking. After six decades of producing vehicles, it appears that Lamborghini has acknowledged how important it is for its customers to be able to park. Just to compare, try parking any of their earlier V12 models without leaning out of the scissor door; A feat which looks incredibly silly!

The cost and readiness of the Aventador Revuelto remain unexplained, however, it has been some time since the production of the Aventador was discontinued, hinting that Lamborghini are more than prepared to move ahead with this new model. The Ultimae version of the vehicle carried a price tag of 500k dollars, however, due to its fresh technologies, electric parts and the battery pack, we anticipate a starting figure of about $600,000 for the Revuelto. It should be remembered, though, there is no accepted Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price when it comes to Lamborghinis, particularly taking into consideration the great individualization opportunities available.

We can be certain that Lamborghini plan to make history with the Revuelto. Previously, the Aventador SVJ held the record at Nurburgring until the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series took it over. Presently, the title belongs to the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar, a combination of combustion engine and electric power.

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