Bugatti x Adidas: Speed & Style for Soccer.

Limited Edition: 99 Pairs, Unknown Price.

In the United States, the concept of football brings forth visions of players wearing protective gear and sprinting across a field lined with markers in a competition that involves aptitude, strategy, and remarkable endurance. Nevertheless, worldwide, this sport is seen entirely differently. Termed as soccer in America, people play this with a round ball, a grass or artificial pitch, and athletes using their legs and feet to carry the ball over to the opposite side’s target.

Although the expression could vary, one thing continues to be; the aim to obtain perfection, performance and precision in sports. It is this commitment to accuracy which has formed an alliance between two giants in their separate areas – Adidas and Bugatti – for a new team-up that delivers “something unprecedented which both appears wonderful and assists players no matter their level to reach their maximum capability.”

Developed around the X Crazyfast laced boot by Adidas, this extraordinary Bugatti assortment exudes both brand’s synchronized values; where optimization surpasses form and accuracy is of the utmost significance. The core highpoint of the latest boot is Adidas’s impressive Speedframe sole plate engineering, forming a weightless framework that provides the necessary firmness for hustled-up propulsions. The carbon fiber injected within the tooling of the shoe parallels the component used in Bugatti’s speedy automobiles, binding the fields of footwear sportswear with automotive stem engineering. Reflective to sight is the mid-foot area, bedecked with Bugatti’s well-known azure tone.

On the sides of the boot, two robust sayings make their presence felt – “All Things Are Possible” with Adidas and “Forge the Unrivaled” for Bugatti. The iconic logo of Ettore Bugatti, the forward-looking creator, is subtly replicated across the last section of the shoe, honoring the person who has kept on motivating the exclusive hypercars in the world.

The uniquely-crafted X Crazyfast Bugatti shoes will be introduced to the soccer field in a spectacular fashion, only being worn by Rafael Leao (the left wing of Italy’s AC Milan) and Karim Benzema (frontman of the Saudi Pro League club Al-Ittihad) come November 2023.

To guarantee all Bugatti and Adidas devotees worldwide have a fair chance to possess one of the 99 sets from this exceptional collection, the motorboots will be auctioned on the Adidas Collect Web 3 platform. Scheduled between November 8-11, triumphant competitors will gain access to an exclusive digital shoebox, which can be exchanged for both a physical pair and a virtual counterpart, beginning November 13, using cryptocurrency through MoonPay.

Source: Bugatti

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