Bugatti x Adidas Football Boots: Limited Edition

99 Product Limit

Bugatti has joined forces with Adidas to introduce a rare collection of soccer boots that masterfully combine style and swiftness. Dubbed the ‘Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti’, 99 pairs of these shoes will be up for auction in the foreseeable future and are expected to be unveiled by Rafael Leao from AC Milan and Karim Benzema, 2022 Ballon D’Or victor, on the field later this November.

“Bugatti is a brand renowned for its innovations and engineering ingenuity. Always inspired by the vision to create incomparable automotive masterpieces, ” states Wiebke Stahl, Managing Director at Bugatti International. “We share this passion for excellence with Adidas, who use the same exacting standards to their footwear, resulting in ever lighter and more effective designs.

The X Crazyfast kicks served as the launching pad for the partnership, boasting its advanced Speedframe substructure as well as its pioneering Aerocage advancement.

Similar to the intricate carbon fiber monocoque and W16 engine of the Bugatti Chiron, it is this kind of expert engineering which permits wearers to move with speed and trained agility similar to the hypercars manufactured in Molsheim.

Adidas’ engineering is the foundation of the new Bugatti shoe, which follows the brand’s “form follows function” philosophy. The classic black and blue colorway associated with the Chiron Pur Sport is seen throughout the design, while carbon fiber is included in the inlay as a tribute to Bugatti’s use of the material. Lastly, the bottom of the shoe is adorned with a stunning, light-catching blue hue.

The company has then included the words “Create the Incomparable” as a tribute to the company’s most important principle and “Impossible is nothing” as a gesture of Adidas’ relentless commitment to success.

The insignia of Ettore Bugatti is presented by his emblem, EB, displayed on the rear and side of the shoe as well as Adidas’ three-striped logo.

99 pairs of shoes are set to go up for auction on Adidas’ Collect Web 3 platform from November 8-11. After the auction, buyers of the shoes will get a digital shoebox that can be exchanged for a physical pair and an NFT pair of the shoes. The only payment method accepted is cryptocurrency, with a minimum bid of 0.2 Ether (approximately $360 at current rates). For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, “users have a direct on-ramp from traditional currency in the auction using MoonPay.”

We assume the shoes will cost ridiculous sums similar to a Bugatti hypercar – yet be worn even less. At the least they are aesthetically pleasing, something not allBugatti collaborations can outline.

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